Zenzou's Father is once a highly skilled ninja and member of the Oniwabanshu when he was young.


He acted as a double for the Shogun and prevented an attack from Jiraia, which would have made history take another course. During his battle with Jiraia, Zenzou's Father got his legs jacked, and legs are what make a ninja, so after that, he retired to teach the next generation and tired of the dirty business, as explained by Zenzou in Episode 179.

He was said to be one of the most formidable warriors within the Oniwabanshuu, and that as a teacher at Ninja School, he brought up all of the renowned ninjas in Edo of today.



Zenzou's Father when he was younger

Strength & Abilities

He was known as the strongest ninja in the Oniwabanshu. He wields two tantos blades when he fought against Jiraia.



  • Hattori Zenzou: He did not get along with his son because he has obsession with the game "kick the can" seemed to anger Zenzou to no end. Another reason was that he sold his son's JUMP collection to buy porn DVD[1].


  • Sarutobi Ayame: Sa-Chan was noted to be his most potential students amongst he taught.
  • Gou: Not much is known between them.
  • Shuwa: Not much is known between them.
  • Matsuo: Not much is known between them.


  • Tokugawa Sada Sada: He worked to protect the Shogun at the time while he working in the Oniwabanshuu.


  • Jiraia: Jiraia use to work under him in Oniwabanshuu until he tried to assassinate Tokugawa Sada Sada.


His cause of death remains unknown, but at his funeral, which was attended by many central ninjas, Zenzou told Sarutobi Ayame that his father had been in critical condition two nights ago, as she was too late and unaware that he had already died.

He liked to play Kick-The-Can, and came back as a ghost to play with the Yorozuya in Episode 48, the same episode in which his funeral was held.


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