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The Yagyuu Family (柳生一門, Yagyū Ichimon) is an aristocratic samurai family that has been serving the Bakufu and Shogunate for many generations. They're family of generals and military leaders. Their expansive family estate is evidence of their immense wealth and their political connections. All male heirs in the family tend to be short. As Amanto arrived, the practice of Kendo declined as a result of the sword ban in Edo, but some still go to the Yagyuu dojo to learn.

Family Members[]

Yagyuu-binbokusai mug.jpg
Yagyuu Binbokusai
柳生 敏木斎
Yagyuu-koshinori mug.jpg
Yagyuu Koshinori
柳生 輿矩
Yagyuu-kyuubei mug.jpg
Yagyuu Kyuubei
柳生 九兵衛
Jugem jugem mug.jpg
Jugem Jugem

Family Staff Members[]

Obaba mug.jpg

4 Devas 四天王[]

The 4 Devas (Shitennou) serve to protect the main family of Yagyuu, they consist of the most skilled student and they've been led by Toujou Ayumu.

Toujou-ayumu mug.jpg
Toujou Ayumu
東城 歩
Kitaooji-itsuki mug.jpg
Kitaooji Itsuki
北大路 斎
Nishino-tsukamu mug.jpg
Nishino Tsukamu
西野 掴
Minamito-sui mug.jpg
Minamito Sui
南戸 粋


  • The Yagyuu Family is based on the real Yagyū clan. They were a family of daimyō (feudal lords) with lands just outside Nara, who became the heads of one of Japan's greatest schools of swordsmanship, Yagyū Shinkage-ryū.
  • The names of the 4 Devas are spoof of 4 girls in Strawberry 100% (いちご100%, ichigo hyakku paasento):
  • Coincidentally, the seiyuu assigned to voice Yagyuu Kyuubei, Orikasa Fumiko, was seiyuu for the following 'Strawberry' related shows -
    • Strawberry Bread いちごパン in Kogepan こげぱん
    • Matsuoka Miu 松岡 美羽 in 苺ましまろ Ichigo Mashimaro