Yagyuu Binbokusai (柳生 敏木斎) is the grand patriarch of the Yagyuu Family. He is the sword master to Yagyuu Kyuubei.


Binbokusai taught sword arts to the Shogun's father.

Binbokusai is one of the people that trained Kyuubei into a samurai heir to Yagyuu family, in accordance to his son's, Yagyuu Koshinori, wishes.


He is a very short elderly man of very low altitude, has a silver hair happens shoulders. His eyes are black, usually uses a small cream-colored kimono with mustard.


Binbokusai has an easy going and care free personality, much like Sakata Gintoki. He doesn't like wasting anything, to the point that he scavenges cartload of discarded items/junks during his free time[1] (though one has to wonder how he'll manage to reuse all of them...). In Episode 77, he also ate Shimura Tae's 'dark matter', i.e. burnt fried egg, saying it would be a waste not to eat it (he suffered the consequence later in Episode 79...). He was also one of the few, if not only one in Yagyuu family who would have accepted Otae as Kyuubei's wife without issues.

Strength & Abilities

He is the most highly skilled swordsman in the family, he is also wise and clever when the time calls for it, especially during a sword fight.

Even at his age he is very agile and flexible. As a astute swordsman, he can 'read' Gintoki's moves, in able to try and decipher which sword style he is a follower of in Episode 80.


Yagyu Arc

In Episode 77 (Lesson 113 in the manga), he participated in the dojo challenge and was assigned by his grand daughter to be the 'captain' of the Yagyuu team.

Scandal Arc

When the female cast planned to prank Gintoki, Gintoki went to Yagyuu house to meet Kyuubei. Only to found that the Yagyuu family expect Gintoki to marry Kyuubei. Binbokusai was happy to entrust Gintoki the future of Yagyuu.


  • The grandpa's name is slighty based on Yagyu "Sekishusai" Munetoshi 柳生石舟斎宗厳 name, father to Yagyu Munenori.
    • "Binbokusai" is a word that literally means "smells of poverty".
  • Male heirs in the family tend to be short
  • In the manga flashback, he doesn't want to be called "grandpa", but "papa" just like Koshinori.[2]
  • He told the young Kyuubei that she could grow "apple" between her thighs (Episode 80).


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