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Yagyu Arc

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{{Arc Box
|title = Yagyu Arc
|image = <center><tabber>Manga=[[File:Ch113.jpg]]
|-|Anime=[[File:Yagyuu group.jpg|300px]]
|jname =
|vol = 13-15, 3 volumes
|chapter = [[Lesson 110|110]]-[[Lesson 123|123]], 14 Lessons
|episode = [[Episode 76|76]]-[[Episode 81|81]], 6 episodes
|date = 2006 (Manga)<br/>2007 (Anime)
|prev anime = [[Fuyo Arc]]
|next anime = [[Hardboiled Detective Arc]]
|prev = [[Mother Arc]]
|next = [[Okita Mitsuba Arc]]
'''Yagyuu Arc''' is the 11<sup>th</sup> arc in Gintama. It introduces Kyuubei, Kyuubei's family and the family's retainers.
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Kondo is being put through an arranged marriage... to a gorilla!? The Shinsengumi are pleading to Otae for help, but an old friend of Otae's returns to claim her as their bride instead...
'''Characters in order of appearance'''
#[[Shimura Tae]]
#[[Yagyuu Kyuubei]] (debut)
#[[Hijikata Toushirou]]
#[[Yamazaki Sagaru]]
#[[Harada Unosuke]]
#[[Kondou Isao]]
#[[Shimura Shinpachi]]
#[[Sakata Gintoki]]
#[[Matsudaira Katakuriko]]
#[[Princess Bubbles バブルス王女]] (debut)
#[[Sougo Okita]]
#[[Yagyuu Koshinori]] (debut)
#[[Yagyuu Binbokusai]] (debut)
#[[Minamito Sui]] (debut)
#[[Kitaooji Itsuki]] (debut)
#[[Nishino Tsukamu]] (debut)
#[[Toujou Ayumu]] (debut)
#[[Otaki]] (debut)
== Trivia ==
* This arc is the first and longest 10+ chapter arc, at 14 chapters.
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[[Category:Story Arcs]]
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