That went surprisingly fast. Looks like they plan to finish the arc next week... Was expecting it to be over this week, but oh well. Either way, the episode was pretty good, but last weeks was way better IMO. Still a really great episode and one of my favorites in the SA arc.

OP visuals changed to the first one.

A little bit more of Kamui vs. Kagura. Poor Kagura couldn't stand up to Kamui. He's too beastly!

Gintoki talking about Takasugi was nice. Takasugi + Gin teaming up there was sugoi <3. And the Tendoshu sure don't fuck around at all. Takasugi just pops up outta nowhere like a badass, though. Say goodbye to your left eye Oboro! Takasugi’s got his revenge! Am I the only one who wonders how they haven't died of blood loss yet?

Yay for Kagura and Kamui showing up to rescue Gintoki and Takasugi. Damn these siblings are friggin BA!! Seeing those four team up was like a dream. Loved it!

Loved seeing Sougo, Saito and Matsudaira back too. Now if only they show us Zura T^T

Sh*t hit the fan, Nobu Nobu’s here. I really hate the newly appointed Shogun, and one day I hope he dies.

Backup is here just in time. Happy to see the Shinsengumi. Sougo's back, awesome!

Ahhh, I missed Ginpachi-sensei and bring back a bit of well deserved laughter, little reminder that this is still the classic comedic Gintama I fell in love all that time ago. I snorted a lot at the Ginpachi-sensei segment. That continuity error had actually been bothering me ever since we got the flashbacks for this arc. Not surprised by how they handled that here though. Reminds me when someone asked why they gave Kamui black hair in one of the EDs before his debut and Ginapachi sensei just threw the letter in the bin LMAO Lol at the edited scene! Sunrise bullshitting so hard :3 The way they just totally trolled with Gin shitting his pants being the truth of that scene was so friggin hilarious. I miss that Gintama comedy LMAO

Much epic stuff in this episode. Arc for sure ends next week. I wonder if they will continue the next serious arc after this arc ends or switch back to a comedy arc first. I hope they can animate a funny episode before starting a new big arc :/ The arc was so intense even till the end.. best arc ever

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