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Ritsel Medina Abuan She is the swordman woman of Shinsengumi.

She fight a group of terrorists her Weapons are Katana and Whip and her powers are Shape Shifters and Mana Manipulation and fight her karate and kung fu.

During her free time. she training in Shinsengumi's training dojo her Karate, Kung Fu and her Whip.


She love anime, singing her online Music website.

Another hobby is to dance in her free time and She teach Sougo how to fight karate and kung fu.


During her childhood Ritsel's parents had passed away from illness. Kondou Isao raise her as his adoptive daughter. Kondou train her sword moves later Kondou gave her a pink whip one week later. After her training one day she met a young boy named Sougo Okita and his sister named Mitsuba Okita. That moment on Ritsel and Sougo train together. The day next she met Hijikata Toushirou one day Ritsel, Sougo, Hijikata and Kondou training togenther.

A few years later Ritsel along with the other Dojo students set off for Edo and subsequently set up the Shinsengumi.

Ritsel become the Shinsengumi 1st Division Captain Assistant of Sougo Okita.


Ritsel's weapons are katana and whip. Her katana to fight terrorists. Her Karate and Kung Fu skills are karate chop, karate Dodge and Karate Kick and her powers are Shape Shifters, Mana Manipulation and telekinesis. Her sport is Badminton.


Ritsel appears to be a teenager girl with brown hair tied back in a ponytail, During the Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc, when she realises that long hair is a vulnerability in combat situations, she cuts her hair using Sougo's katana, it becomes shoulder-length. On her head a red cloth worn as a hairband. She has black eyes and fair skin. She wears pink rabbits earrings. She has pink lip. And she has pink braces in her teeth in season 5 she no longer has braces.

Ritsel wearing her standard Shinsengumi uniform.The neck has a white cravat inserted in a black vest with a yellow lock. It assumes a dark, unbuttoned jacket reaching to the thigh with a collar. It is decorated with gold buckles and buttons has a triangular-shaped cuffs. Mini black skirt supported with a brown belt with a silver buckle. At the left hip is tied his sheath, from which projects the katana handle. On her feet are knee high black socks and pink sneakers.

On her back she has a pink backpack.