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Just create this page to save some quick notes on editing and writing information for wiki pages, in case I may forget anything in the future.

Chapters & ArcsEdit

  • Category order: Summary -> Characters -> Quotes (optional) -> Trivia (optional)
  • Release Date = official date = Jump issue's publication date (2-3 days after online release)
  • Regarding characters' order of appearance in each Lesson:
    • Flashback-only appearance is counted in order.
    • In case a character have both flashback and present appearances, the latter's order is counted.
    • If a frame has many characters at the same time, the order is from right to left.
    • Minor appearance (e.g. sights with unclear faces) still counts.


  • Category order: Biography -> Appearance -> Personality -> Strength & Abilities -> Relationships -> Quotes -> Battles -> Trivia -> Navigation box
  • References & section tabs to be added later.

To-do listEdit

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