Application for New Wiki Administrators now OPEN (5 Aug 2010)

I am moving to another wiki site and will no longer be active in this wikia site. Editors who have contributed to the Gintama Wiki here previously are invited to apply to become administrators if they fulfill the following criteria:

  1. the registered account of the editors must have been active for at least 6 months
  2. editor's contributions should be in the form of substantial content, and not just simple 'housekeeping' like correcting typos, or changing title cases
  3. editor's contributions however, need not be a lot, contributions do need to be added on a consistent/regular basis over the last 6 months at least
  4. editor should ideally be familiar with wiki codes, and building/maintaining templates, including understanding of CSS rules; if he/she is not familiar, must be willing to make an effort to learn since this wiki site uses some complex CSS and templates
  5. English should be fairly good, ability to understand Japanese is a big bonus
  6. obviously he/she must be able to use the regular wiki-text editor, and NOT the RTE (Rich Text Editor).

As I am looking for at least 2 new admins, potential candidates need not possess all of the above to be eligible. For example, one who is good in templates and codes, may complement another who is stronger in content.

Once selected, the editors will be probationary new administrators for a period of 3 months. If their activities during these 3 probation months is low, adminship will be taken back since it is under-utilised. If new admin proved to be active, he/she will be promoted to bureaucrat after 3 months.

To apply, leave a NEW message on my talk page with the title "Application to be New Wiki Administrator" and add the relevant details. Please remember to sign off.

~~Gin-san (Talk) 15:13, August 5, 2010 (UTC)

Surrendar all your sugar!!! --Gin-san (Talk) 06:15, 15 July 2009 (UTC)

Personal Pages[edit | edit source]

  • check tama, tsukuyo & zenzou
  • update navigation
  • bday templates mar on

* remove minor cat fr char

  • amend op/ed table
  • amend dvd seasons
  • how to incorporate BujiTV, pg. 84 book1
  • amanto arrival date 3 jun? yokohama port open 2 jun
  • bentendo estab. 23 sep --> nintendo 1889年9月23日創立, clash honjou kyoushirou
  • monitor Template:Zodiac-calc
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