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About meEdit


Hello there, my name is Besty17, or just simply Besty to everyone.

I tend to suck at introductions... So what you need to know about me is:

I am a big fan of many manga and anime. As that's why I tend to devoted alot of my time into editing those type of wikis, since joining Wikia in early 2012. I also currently manage numerous different wikis, many of which I have founded or adopted.

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Task BenchEdit

  • Gain user rights for myself and User:Raptor of Love.
  • Clean pages. Shortening links, removing unneeded kanji, bold text and categories.
  • Rename Articles with Kanji in the title: e.g Ketsuno Seimei 結野 晴明>Ketsuno Seimei
  • Re organise Categorys:
    Character>Race>Age>Gender>Orhpan>Affiliation>Deceased>Antagonists>Former Antagonists
  • Re organise character pages.
  • Replace Template:Gintama-char with Template:Character Box.
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