Uchino (内野) is one of the nurses working at Big Edo Hospital. She received focus in Episode 90.


Uchino has short, neck-length, black hair and black eyes. At work, she wears the usual light pink uniform issued to all nurses. | personality=She has been noted to be very kind all patients, always tending to them with a smile. She's also insecure when it comes to confessing her true feelings and claims it enough that she'd always remember the special person in her heart.


Throughout the episode, Hasegawa Taizou and the Yorozuya, who were patients at the hospital, thought she had feelings for Katsura Kotarou, who was at the hospital after Elizabeth had been run over by a car. She would watch from afar, not daring to get too close as she understands she belongs to a different world. In the end, Hasegawa convinces her to make a move and confess her feelings. In the end, it turned out the one she was in love with was Elizabeth not Katsura.



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