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Tsukuyo (月詠), also known as the God of Death Courtesan (死神太夫, shinigami tayuu), is a highly skilled ninja, specializing in the usage of kunai, having trained under the infamous assassin, Jiraia 地雷亜. She is the leader of the Hyakka, Yoshiwara's guardians (吉原自警団「百華」の頭), an all-female law enforcement squad deployed by Housen 鳳仙.


Tsukuyo is a blond woman of average height and a slender figure. She has a scar running horizontally on the left side of her forehead and another vertically on her left cheek.

Her shoulder length hair is normally tied up at the back of her head, while her parted fringe is done up in a bundle, held by 2 miniature kunai, both with red thread at the end, on each side. The part of her hair that isn’t tied is left to run down her cheeks, reaching past her chin.

Tsukuyo’s preferred attire is a black kimono, without a right sleeve and exposing her right leg, decorated with autumn leaves, held by a red obi. On her right arm she sports a detached sleeve that goes from her wrist to her mid-biceps. She also wears fishnet stockings and black high-heel boots that reach just below the knee. She’s often seen smoking a kiseru, a trait she shares with fellow main character, Takasugi Shinsuke 高杉 晋助.

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As mentioned by Katsura Kotarou 桂 小太郎, she's dead serious at all times, even when making jokes or finding herself in a comedic situation. Because she cares deeply for her friends, she carries her own burdens as to not trouble them and only seems to open up to the Yorozuya.

She has a very low alcohol tolerance, needing only a small amount to get drunk, even whiskey bonbons. While drunk, she tends to display an extremely aggressive nature, mercilessly beating whoever is nar her, namely Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時. However, after resting she shows no visible signs of a hangover. Despite claiming to have abandoned herself as a woman and not having an issue with being touched by a man, she's shown embarrassment on both occassions Gintoki groped her by accident.


  • Kagura calls her "Tsukky", a nickname Hinowa likes.
  • Tsukuyo, whose name contains tsuki, meaning "Moon", is referred to as Yoshiwara's Moon, just as Hinowa is referred to as its Sun.
  • It is hinted by Jiraia, Hinowa and Seita that she has feelings Gintoki. This is further supported by her inability to give him chocolates for Valentine's Day.


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