Tokugawa Shige Shige 徳川 茂茂, also known as the Great General 大将軍 Dai Shogun, is the ruling Shogun of Edo in the Gintama world. He is also the older brother of Soyo Hime そよ姫. There is a ongoing joke where the Shogun becomes the victim whenever he encounters Gintoki.


Another common joke is where the Shogun would always reveal himself wearing Brief underwear.


He is serious but extremely sensitive when people talk bad about him that would leave him shed a tear. He is secretly perverted with dirty thoughts when surrounded with other female characters.


In Episode 83, Matsudaira Katakuriko 松平 片栗虎 brought the Shogun to 'Snack Smile' to have a good time. However, as most of the hostesses were out sick, the Yorozuya and their friends had to step in. They then started playing a game called 'Shogun-sama', where they would each pick a straw, and the one who got the straw that said 'Shogun' could order one of the others around. The real Shogun seemed to have terrible luck regardless of the Yorozuyas' attempts to help him enjoy himself, and was constantly put in more and more humiliating positions thanks to their game. After having been stripped naked, Gintoki pointed out that the Shogun's wasn't 'Shogun size' but more of a foot soldier's, to which he replied it has traditionally been that size within the Shogun family. Despite all this, the Shogun appeared to be completely immune to embarrassment.

He was also seen again in episodes 151-152, when Gin and the crew had been hired to look after a barber shop and managed to cut off his mage and replace it with dog poo. At the end of the episode he vowed to reform the barbershops, saying that he had no idea that the commoners braid mages under such foul conditions.


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