Tokugawa Sada Sada was the former 13th generation Shogun of Edo in the Gintama world. He is also the uncle and advisor to the current Shogun Tokugawa Shige Shige and Soyo Hime そよ姫. His actions affected a lot of people in the Gintama World.


He is an old man with thick eyebrows and has a top knot hair style.


In his younger years, he would regularly go to Yoshiwara and visits his lover Tayuu Suruzan.

Yoshiwara back then was known as a place for a meeting place and source entertainment for high ranking officials.

Sada Sada used Tayuu Suruzan beauty as a tool to take the seat of the Shogun. He would hire the Assassin organisation Naraku to murder the high ranking officials. By using her as bait, there wouldn't be opposition force against Sada Sada.

When the Amanto invaded, the 12th generation Shogun collapsed. As the Bafku on the verge of destruction, Tokugama Sada Sada replaced him and rebuild the Bafku. People called him the "Enlightened Monarch".

Ever since he became a Shogun, he became famous for his flashy seeking pleasure and the increase of his concubines.

He would order his loyal retainer Maizou to kill Suruzan as he grows tired of her, however Maizou was secretly in love with Suruzan. He couldn't bear to kill the woman he loves so made a promise that they will escape from his lord prison. When he found out that his retainer Maizou was in love with Suruzan and the promise. Sada Sada saw this as an act of betrayal, chopped off Maizou left arm which he made a pinky promise with Suruzan. He decided that if Maizou went to Suruzan, he would kill her and Maizou.

He would use Jiraia quite often because he was known as the best assassin/thief at the time, Hattori Zenzou noted that Jiraia was fanatically devoted to him. Jiraia would sacriface his own body to perform dirty job or dangerous missions for the sake of his country, this would lead Jiraia to a dark path that he would even kill his comrades.

A clan called The Hawks said that this was the time to fight and show their skills during in the Amanto invasion, while the moderates said that they should accept the decision from the higher-ups. And thus, they had a factional dispute on their hands. The Hawks became a nuisance to the Shogun, and Jiraia was ordered to erase them all from history, even though they were his comrades. Jiraia completed his task with ease, but when sitting infront of the Shogun himself, he suddenly attacked in an attempt to assassinate him and make history change its course. However, Zenzou's Father was acting as a duplicate the whole time. They fought, and Jiraia injured Zenzou's Father's legs. Jiraia's position among the Oniwabanshuu had been tarnished.

He would use later disband Oniwabanshu ninjas and replace them for Naraku services to increase their bond.

He retires and now serves as an advisor to the current Shogun Tokugawa Shige Shige and holds immense power over Edo by controlling Tokugawa Shige Shige.


He is cruel and willingly to do anything to get what he wants. He views himself as power and the law itself.


Tokugawa Sada Sada secretly ordered the Naraku to assassinate the Bafku higher offical who supported in promoting young prince Hitotsubashi as the new Shogun over the current Shogun Tokugawa Shige Shige.

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