Thorny Arc, also known as Baragaki Arc, is the 43rd arc of the Gintama series. This arc introduces Sasaki Tetsunosuke, Sasaki Isaburo and Imai Nobume, as well as telling more of Hijikata's past.


A dim-witted boy in a noble family was sent to the Shinsengumi to be looked after and became Hijikata's page. Though, behind the Shinsengumi, the boy's half-brother, the chief of Mimawarigumi, was surely up to something..


Characters in order of appearance

Trivia Edit

  • This arc is the first one in which Gintoki tells someone about his past as the Shiroyasha, leading to the Shinsengumi becoming aware of his real connection to the Jouishishi.
  • This is the second arc where Gintoki appears without Shinpachi and Kagura, The first was Okita Mitsuba Arc.
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