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Terakado Tsuu's Imperial Guards.

The Terakado Tsuu's Imperial Guards (寺門通親衛隊) are Terakado Tsuu's fan club from the beginning of her career. They are led by Shimura Shinpachi.


The Imperial Guards are led by Shimura Shinpachi and this is probably the only circumstance under which he gains any sort of respect or fear for his ability. Although their actions are, predictably, all centred around Terakado Tsuu, there are several running jokes beside their fandom. Particularly, their Sergeant will repeatedly break the regulations only to be subjected to Shinpachi's Nose Hook Destroyer. Varying classes of this attack appearing as the Sergeant breaks more and more rules.

Imperial Guards' RegulationsEdit

An Ironclad creed with 99 regulations, violating any of the following while being a member of the Imperial Guard would likely result in a painful Nose Hook Destroyer courtesy of Shinpachi.

  • Regulation No.7: As a member of the Imperial Guards, Otsuu's CD and all other special releases are be collected with the following 4 purposes in mind: to build up the collection, to enjoy, to educate others, and for practical uses.
  • Regulation No.14: Ignore any Idol who is not Otsu-chan.
  • Regulation No.23: Secret communication with women is forbidden. Anyone breaking this rule will be deemed a spy.
  • Regulation No.82: You must go to an Otsu-chan concert even if it's the day of your parents' funeral. Open parentheses. Sis is the exception. Close parentheses.


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Shimura Shinpachi
志村 新八
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