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She is a part of the Fire Brigade.


An orphan rescued by the the Chief Fireman. The Chief was unable to save her parents in time, and the guilt compelled him to raise Tatsumi as his own daughter. Her ambition to become a fireman like her guardian met with strong opposition from her guardian.



  • Chief Fireman: A father figure to Tatsumi and saved her when she was a child, he took her in out of guilt.

Friends & Allies

  • Murata Tetsuko: She was last seen in hanging out with Tetsuko in Kabuki District.


When an arsonist went round torching parts of Edo, she hid in trash bins to try and catch him, but mistook Gintoki for an arsonist and roughed him up.

In the 4 deva of Kabuki District arc, there are rumours that the Okama and Yakuza are going to tear down Otose shop. Tatsumi was amongst the friend who couldn't stand watching Yorozuya be putted down and helped out.


  • Her character is based on Shinmon Tatsugoro 新門辰五郎, the leader of the 10th division of Edo's Megumi fire brigade.

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