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this person who writing fakes facts and deleting pages off of this site, should be found and reported to the police

Main Page Deletion[edit source]

To all those that delete whatever we have in the main page, it takes me 2 seconds to put it back, as I have it all saved in my PC. Keep trying harder, it will only tire you.

Back ground image: Hello! I wanted to ask whoever is incharge of this wiki to change the background image. I tried to do it, but since I'm not registed I cannot and I'm afraid I would screw the whole page :/

So I ask to the experienced: Could you please change the background image? Here is the link of the two image I was thinking of substituing with: &

The reason for this is simple, to make publicity to the new movie and to refresh the picture that has been there for so much time.

I hope I didn't insult anyone with my request and I apologize for all the typos there are.

So many vandalism on the main page.....

Remove best viewed[edit source]

Remove the " This site is best viewed with Firefox 4.X and above."  Its 2015, firefox's browser market share has decreased significantly and not many people are using a browser from 2011 these days. (Move to footer)? 

Lazyays (talk) 09:09, January 4, 2015 (UTC)Lazyays

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