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"I simply destroy. I will destroy this rotten world he created."

Takasugi Shinsuke

Takasugi Shinsuke (高杉 晋助, Takasugi Shinsuke) was the leader of the Kiheitai, an extremist Joui faction and a wanted fugitive. He was the main recurring antagonist in Gintama before the appearance of Utsuro, later becoming Gintoki's ally again.


Takasugi was born in a strict lower-class samurai family. When introduced, he is shown to be disillusioned with his wealthier samurai peers and his own family as he goes to a prodigious military academy. This causes him to be reckless, like when during school training, he defeats some boys and mocks them for being useless rich kids. This results in him being targeted by the defeated boys' older siblings and accidentally putting his only friend, Katsura, in danger. They are saved by Shouyou and his mysterious first student, Gintoki. Takasugi learns of the strange school Shouyou opened that teaches poor children, Shouka Sonjuku.

Curious about their strength at the school, Takasugi challenged the students for a spar, only to badly lose to Gintoki. After the first match, Shouyou bandaged Takasugi's wounds and encouraged him to get stronger, telling him that with his strength, he can become as great as a samurai as he desires and how he was looking forward to seeing his path. Learning that their child was hanging around the school, his parents begun to abuse him and threaten to disown him, but Takasugi disregarded their warnings. He realized he was weak, mentally, and physically, wishing to grow strong enough to reach Gintoki and Shouyou. So he began challenging Ginoki to constant battles, often to a point where his old wounds hadn't even healed before the next match. Takasugi was finally able to beat the silver-haired child, which at that point it was finally pointed out to him that he began visiting so often that he may as well have become a student. He and Katsura decided to join after helping to save Shouka Sonjuku from being shut down. He was eventually disowned.

Years later, Shouyou was arrested during the Kansei Purge, though Takasugi wasn't there during the initial arrest. The majority of his students, including Takasugi, Gintoki, and Katsura, decided to join the ongoing Joui Wars on the rebels' side to bring back their teacher. It is during their fighting that they met Sakamoto and that he formed a volunteer army called the Kiheitai and was nicknamed ''Kiheitai Leader'', for how he utilizes them in battles. During a battle (but after Sakamoto was taken off the front lines because of an injury), everyone except Katsura, Takasugi, and Gintoki was killed while the said trio were captured. It is then that Katsura and Takasugi were forced to watch as the teacher they joined the war to save was executed, their friend Gintoki being forced to do the deed. Takasugi then lost his eye when going to confront Gintoki. After their enemies left, the trio buried their teacher's head and their comrades' corpses then went their separate ways.

Takasugi spent the next ten years continuing his Joui activities underground, reforming the Kiheitai with the single-minded ambition to destroy Japan for taking Shouyou from him.


Takasugi has short, black hair with dark-purple highlights, often appearing pure dark purple in some shots. He wears a bandage covering his forehead and left eye and is usually seen wearing a yukata with design dependent on the medium and occasionally a haori jacket to go with. He is usually seen smoking a thin pipe called kiseru (キセル) when gazing from his boat's windows. He has also been seen playing the shamisen and wearing a sedge hat.

In the Class 3-Z universe, Takasugi wears the standard school uniform but has unbuttoned it to reveal a crimson red shirt underneath. He wears a more standard, medical eye patch, and he doesn't seem to smoke in this universe.

As a samurai in the Joui war, he wore a low-collared black vest under a long coat lined with violet cloth and patterned with gold-colored lines. He wore black pants and boots and a white obi. Like his companions, he also adorned his head with a long strip of white ribbon.

As a child, he wore a light green kimono with a diamond pattern trimming the edge. Over it, he wore a violet or crimson haori with no design.

Takasugi Shinsuke's Gallery[]


Takasugi is defined by his tenacity and unfeigned ambition to destroy the world. He is a charismatic individual, and all of his soldiers willingly trust and assist him in his desire. In spite of his certitude from his men, Takasugi is indicated to be slightly deranged and unstable, and is aware of this. He is driven by anger and guilt that is seen through every action he takes. Takasugi rejects the change of the world and refuses to see anything other than the path of total destruction, prepared to kill his subordinates if they defy him or get in his way even by accident. His cold nature is widely feared by those who are conscious of him.

Most of his bitterness originates from the loss of his mentor Yoshida Shouyou, as Takasugi refuses the idea of living in a world that stole what he lived for. The idea to take revenge for his teacher's death pollutes his mind, and it's what drives him to be antagonistic towards Gintoki and the Bakufu, for it was during the Kansei Purge that his teacher was killed. He blames himself for being too weak to save Shouyou and for making Gintoki carry the burden of killing him.

It's unknown how he gets along with Sakamoto now, but he was fond of him during the war.

Generally, though, Takasugi is quiet and more of a listener than a speaker. Like some other antagonists, Takasugi tends to appear randomly, but unlike others, it's usually cameos or the like. He rarely ever takes action himself, using caution and tricks to his benefit and often being uncannily apathetic about things. He appears to be avidly watching those around him, and he was quite aware of Itou Kamotarou's desire to have friends, Okada Nizou's desire of destruction, and being very receptive to the opinions of others since most of his men were recruited with similar ideologies in mind.

Although Takasugi is cemented as a cruel and nefarious adversary, he has a particular tedancy to humour people. Gin himself believed he would be one of the few to send a genuine New Year's card in chapter 294, wishing a Happy New Year and making note that he will "destroy everything this year as well", written like a threat. He also dropped by and humoured the jailed and broken Kada twice, guessing at "Odds and Evens", and even slipping up and calling Admiral Abo "Admiral Aho (Stupid)" like everyone else during the events of Lessons 310 and 311. It was also easy for Gin, Katsura and Sakamoto to believe he wrote them letters about Yakult that were ridiculous enough for them to question his leadership. Furthermore, Henpeita said he once ordered for the Kiheitai a large amount of Yakult and shirako because he couldn't show up for the New Year's party.

As a child, Takasugi was largely stubborn and desiring strength, something that can still somewhat be seen. He constantly sparred with Gin even when heavily wounded, battling day after day until he won and then continuing on after Gin's own suggestion. In the Joui army days, although he seemed largely concerned about Shouyou and rescuing him, he was always childish with Gin and often fought with him, largely over petty things like choosing a geisha[1] or playing kick the can[2].

In the 3-Z Universe, his taste for destruction is heavily downplayed, turning into a simple case of absolute defiance. He's still quiet and commanding of his gang, but he's been seen balancing on his chair with his feet kicked up and onto his desk (see picture). He also refused to become the lead singer of Bansai's band due to "attending abacus class", despite the fact he just returned from an excessively long suspension and tending to show no interest in class.

Since the Reunion arc, he has been known for having an affection for Yakult. Although it was only mentioned in a passing set of jokes, it has made a large impact as prior to it: Takasugi lacked any kind of "features" (catchphrase, favorite food, obsession, a running gag, or so on) like the other characters, so when given the chance, it became quite popular.

Strength & Abilities[]

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: He's an excellent swordsman, being a perfect equal to Gintoki despite the other's own capabilities and skill. Although he usually strays from battling, he can take on armies by himself and can win battles. Takasugi uses a katana, which he always carries with him, a shikomizue, which is a kind of concealed blade that, while lacking the tsuba, or guard, has a casing made of wood and on first glance isn't much different than the kind of sword Gin wields. However, Takasugi's sword has an actual blade.Takasugi is also one of the best swordsmen in Gintama, easily rivaling Gintoki, who's "name once struck fear in the heart of every Amanto." Takasugi could beat hordes of Amanto (alien) soldiers and leave unscathed. During the Joui war, he was feared as one of the Four Heavenly Kings, along with Gintoki, Katsura, and Sakamoto. Takasugi could easily defeat dozens Naraku assassins and fight and defeat Oboro right after.

Enhanced Strength: Takasugi is overwhelmingly powerful, a perfect match to Gintoki, who could snap steel cables, smash craters into solid rocks, and pull down a helicopter with one hand and little leverage. When freeing Kamui from his imprisonment at the hands of the Harusame Pirates, Takasugi was easily able to cut through the steel shackles, and against Gintoki, the impact of their blows destroyed the ground they stood on

Enhanced Speed: Takasugi is extremely agile and swift, cutting down and dodging arrows and bullets, His speed far surpasses most characters in the series, one such being Okita Sougo, who could cut down Kamui's gunshot with very little effort. During his fight with Gintoki, Takasugi was able to fight at tremendous speeds, delivering countless blows in a matter of seconds.

Enhanced Durability: Takasugi has been shown to be very resilient, capable of surviving a number of fatal wounds and major life-threatening injures. During his battle with Gintoki, when that the latter was able to inflict many wounds and he recieved many severe injuries and still keep fighting. It was also demonstrated when fighting Oboro where he was to take a direct hit in the stomach, and when he was able to survive being stabbed in the neck by oboro's sword. Later in the Soul Silver Arc, he was able to take a Point-Blank Explosion and when he cut and sliced the central control unit of the S.S Heavenly Bird, and survived the huge explosion that was caused by it, despite being knocked unconscious.

Charisma and Leadership: Just like his fellow Heavenly Kings, Takasugi was shown to be a charismatic leader. This is best shown during the war that despite being in his teens, he created and commanded his own personal force and was greatly known for his battle strategies. For the new Kiheitai, most of Takasugi's subordinates, including his closest, seem to have been won over by Takasugi's words, not actions. He recruited most of his men by finding those with similar ideas to him and brought up his goal of destruction to them, promising to assist if they desired the same. It's known that he did this to Okada Nizou, and it can be inferred that Matako was also pursued through a similar method. Despite how outlandish the goal is, there is not a single person who doubts his power.

Musical Talent: Takasugi also holds some ability in playing the Shamisen, as he has been seen playing it alone and with Bansai. It might just be a hobby of his.



  • Yoshida Shouyou: Takasugi, alongside with Katsura and Gintoki, studied under Shouyou until their beloved teacher was arrested during Kansei Purge. The three students would join the war and later be involved in his execution and received the decapitated head of their teacher. Takasugi deeply admires Shouyou and said he is unable to stand the world that took Shouyou away and act as nothing had happened, which seemingly included Gintoki himself when he was forced to execute their own master by the Tendoshu. However, unknown to Takasugi, Gintoki and Shouyou sacrificed the latter to protect them. According to Nobume, Takasugi seeks to destroy what Shouyou has left. After defeating a dying Oboro, who happens to be Shouyou’s very first disciple, Takasugi finally knows the truth about Shouyou’s connection to Utsuro, as the same person, albeit different personalities in one body. He soon sends Takechi to give any information to Gintoki and Katsura about this, before departing back to Earth to stop Utsuro and the invading Amanto.

Friends & Allies[]

  • Kawakami Bansai: Due to his true identity being safe from the police, Bansai appears to be Takasugi's negotiator and mole as Bansai, being the songwriter and producer for Otsu, can access most news and information without being in any danger. Bansai appears to hold a second-in-command position as well, usually being at the base while Takasugi is aboard the Harusame or the like. As heartless as Takasugi might seem, he does care for his comrade and is seen reluctant to leave Bansai to die in the Silver Soul Arc.
  • Kijima Matako: Matako is openly in love with Takasugi, affectionately calling him "Shinsuke-sama". Matako is also able to be in close quarters with him in ways one doesn't expect a ruthless warrior to allow[3][4]. As shown through a backstory in Silver Soul Arc, Shinsuke has saved Matako's life several years prior to the foundation of the Kiheitai as it was first introduced in the series, one of the many reasons behind Matako's unfaltering loyalty. In the flashback, when she asked him to take her with him, Shinsuke simply told her that if their goals were truly as similar as she claimed, then she might as well point the gun to her head and pull the trigger. While the man seemed indifferent, this might have been his indirect way of preventing her from self-destructing. Later on, when Matako is captured due to her affiliation with the Joui rebel, Shinsuke rescued her (with assistance from Bansai) and got arrested in the process (as she was only used as a bait to lure him out in the first place).
  • Takechi Henpeita: Being the tactical adviser to Takasugi, Henpeita plays a more open, second-in-command role than Bansai. He appears to be in charge whenever Takasugi is absent[5] and people follow his commands whatever they may be, and although again it's unknown how Takasugi feels, it appears there's a bit of respect for him if Henpeita is even allowed to disguise himself as Takasugi (as no doubt others have brought it up). Henpeita seems to have an approach of doing whatever is "best" for Takasugi, as some attacks towards Gin have been purely organized by the tactician[6].
  • Okada Nizou: Used more openly to an end, Takasugi took up Nizou after finding him killing in the slums of Japan. Asking him to join his cause to destroy, Nizou accompanied Takasugi and even took up the Benizakura for their cause, despite the mechanical weapon slowly taking over the blind samurai. However, Nizou, with his ability to see "lights" within people, quickly discovered Takasugi's "light" aggressively shone with sorrow, hinting at desire Takasugi hides inside[7].
  • Kamui: Kamui and Takasugi have a relationship mirroring and foiling that of Kagura and Gin's. While Kamui addresses Takasugi as a friend instead of a father figure and Takasugi seems to treat Kamui as both an ally and a tool, Takasugi shares many of Gin's regular replies: he doesn't seem bothered by Kamui's personality and addresses his flaws with little notice, they can act anywhere between close friends (the Shogun Assassination Arc's first two chapters) to purely antagonistic (see the 3-Z books where they were enemies), and from their first meeting to the recent chapters the two play off each other and continue analogies, if just with minor enthusiasm on Takasugi's side. At the end of the Shogun Assassination arc, Kamui was even assisting Takasugi out of the battlefield and the Yato clan believes that Takasugi will not fail in his mission.
  • Abuto: While Takasugi and Abuto aren't seen together very well, it's implied that Abuto is simply following along Kamui since he seems hesitant about working with Takasugi. It's possible that he was the one that tipped Takasugi off about Zenzou faking his murder of the Shogun, however.
  • Sasaki Isaburo:

    Takasugi with Isaburo in Episode 247

    Not much is known of the relationship between the Kiheitai and the Mimawarigumi, but before they went undercover after Shige Shige's death caused by Nobu Nobu and Tendoshu, by siding with Nobu Nobu and Tendoshu themselves, to stop their reign in aiding Katsura's Joui faction and Shinsengumi, it was known that Isaburo and Takasugi were on friendly terms, enough to where Takasugi could play along with Isaburo's visual gag of fishing up Nobume. Isaburo may have similar goals in mind to Takasugi, thus their partnership, but according to Nobume, the Mimawarigumi chief intends to see through Takasugi's "lies".
  • Sakata Gintoki:

    Episode 261

    Originally close friends and comrades, the two once studied together in their childhood and fought together in the Joui War but had diverged from one another, Takasugi expresses a deep hatred and desire to kill Gintoki, seeing him as the obstacle of overthrowing the Bakufu and also as a way of punishing himself for being too weak, as Gintoki is his parallel and alter-ego, and killing him would cause more pain than killing himself. In the benizakura arc, Takasugi grew agitated at Nizou's remarks on Gintoki being his comrade, nearly killing him in his irritation ,a good example of his deep rooted animosity towards the silver haired samurai. Gintoki would often mock him about his family position and army during the war. Gintoki would also make remarks about his height, which would probably be the reason for their rivalry.[8] Although this rivalry stems from childhood ever since Takasugi wanted to defeat Gintoki. Takasugi has a habit of tallying his wins and Gintoki's losses. His hatred towards Gintoki emerges from Gintoki's choice of killing Shouyo to save him and Katsura when the Tendoushu forced him to choose between killing his mentor and father figure, or to kill his two closest friends. But deep down both he and Gintoki knew the hatred was directed at his weaker self who was unable to save their beloved teacher and was made to live by stepping on the teacher's corpse. A large portion of why he hates the world is that it forced Gintoki, someone he cares for deeply, to kill their master.
  • Katsura Kotarou: Katsura and Takasugi were friends since they were little. In their childhood, Katsura was shown often taking care of Takasugi, by making him onigiri, being the mediator in his relationship with Gintoki, and even leaving his prestigious school in order to be Shouyou's disciple along with him and Gintoki. They continued to be on friendly terms and even when Takasugi began his streak of antagonism, Katsura did not consider him an enemy until the Benizakura Arc, where Takasugi gets enraged at Nizou for referring to him and Gintoki as his comrades and Katsura swears he will cut Takasugi down. He was willing to offer Katsura's head to the Harusame, along with Gintoki's. Eventually, the two become allies once more after finding out Shige Shige's assassination was Tendoshu and Nobu Nobu's plan. Prior to it he began to remember Gintoki's saddened face with his last left eye and realized that it was their master's choice to pass them his legacy to live on if he died. Despite this all, though, Takasugi always calls Katsura "Zura".
  • Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu: Originally, Takasugi and Nobu Nobu were working with each other. Takasugi relayed that he would keep standing alongside Nobu Nobu so long as he keeps opposing the bafuku and that no matter which path Nobu Nobu takes, the one to kill him the end will be either Gintoki or Takasugi. This agreement comes to an abrupt end after Nobu Nobu joins sides with the Tendoshu after Kamui severely injures him. Thankfully, at time neither the Tendoshu or Utsuro have any use for Nobu Nobu anymore, as the last shogun is being rehabilitated thanks to Katsura and Tatsuma
  • Sakamoto Tatsuma: Although they fought together in the past as the "Joui Four", Takasugi is rarely ever seen alongside or even mentioning Tatsuma for a majority of the series. However it can be assumed that the two share no hard feelings, as Takasugi was fond of him during the war. In the Patriot Reunion Party Arc, It is said that Takasugi had conned Tatsuma and Katsura out of 4500 yen during the war, however the validity of this is unknown.


  • Tokugawa Sada Sada:

    Takasugi moments before killing Tokugawa Sada Sada

    Upon finding out that Sada Sada was the one who started the Kansei Purge, resulting in the events of Tendoshu forcing Gintoki into killing Shouyou for the sake of his and his former allies' life, Takasugi began to hate him most of all compared to his hatred of the Amantos, the government and his former comrades Gintoki and Katsura, before he reconciles with his former allies. He hates him for what he did to Shoyo, so he decided to kill him when he found out that he was at a weakened state for being a shield for Gintoki, to block Oboro's poison needles during an incident, and locked in prison and went in disguised as a member of the Tendoshu. Before he killed him, Takasugi told Sada Sada to send greetings to Shoyo.
  • Oboro: Follwing his eruption of rage and agony upon witnessing the death of his mentor at the hands of Gintoki near the end of Joui war, Takasugi darts towards Gin, but Oboro halts his assault by throwing a small blade at his left eye. When they finally meet again in the shogun assasination arc, Takasugi ironically stabs his left eye as payback for what he did to his left eye 10 years ago. After defeating Oboro before his death, Takasugi learns the truth from the dying Naraku about Utsuro's origin of being one of his seven personas, including Shouyou, whom Utsuro kills on the inside. In spite of all this, Takasugi did eventually come to harbour respect for his senior student, and had used his ashes to save himself and shoyos legacy. In Episode 363, Takasugi is shown paying homage to the late naraku.
  • Utsuro: In the aftermath of his fight with Oboro, Takasugi soon discovered from the dying immortal that Shouyou and Utsuro were the same person, but were different personalities residing within a solitary vessel, with Utsuro being the one who executed Shouyou from within the depths of his own mind. Takasugi was seemingly aware of Utsuro's existance, as he believed that "the only one who could defeat someone as strong as him was himself".

First Appearance and Gengai Arc[]

Episode 17

Takasugi first appeared in flashbacks, but wasn't mentioned. He is first seen on Lesson 13's 18th page, standing beside Sakamoto (who, as well, wasn't introduced yet) with signs of his bandage absent and his eye hidden with hair. Katsura or Gin never make mention of him.[9]

When Takasugi first officially appears, he first appears before Katsura before a festival celebrating the Amanto's first arrival, revealing a similar relationship to him that Gintoki has through the unified nickname of "Zura". Although both men are disliked by the Bakufu, they both appear in public, but Katsura outright states that Takasugi is "hated by the Bakufu more than [Katsura] is" and that Takasugi was previously staying in the Kyoto area. Takasugi returns the remark by replying that he wouldn't miss the up-coming festival, suggesting he's planning on killing the shogun there. However, he adds that he "doesn't plan on doing something outrageous", but remarks it may happen and, if it did, it would overturn Japan[10].

True to what he said, Takasugi himself doesn't engage. He stands by, likely watching Hiraga Gengai prepare his robots with the assistance of the Yorozuya Gin-Chan group, which is how he learns of Gin's presence at the festival. Despite being covert, however, the Shinsengumi are deployed at the festival on Hijikata Toushirou's instinct, as the police officer believes a man who has killed multiple Bakufu officials and has been involved in multiple terrorist actions will appear.

As Gengai does his fireworks display, Takasugi sneaks up behind Gin and comments that "festivals aren't fun unless they're flashy". Caught off-guard by his old friend's voice, Gin attempts to draw his sword only to hear Takasugi draw his, the terrorist bearing his blade and poking fun at Gin's failure to defend himself. Takasugi slips that he knows Gengai's son died during the war, then further reveals he knew the son, Saburou, personally: Takasugi once led a volunteer cavalry during the war, and Saburou worked under him until his beheading by the Bakufu. Gin connects the dots, but Takasugi denies "inspiring" Gengai, instead "telling him to sharpen his fangs" due to sympathy out of feeling the same way.

Episode 17

With an idea in mind, Gin uses Takasugi's distraction for his own advantage, grabbing a hold of Takasugi's blade with a bare hand while he wasn't paying attention. Using this to hold Takasugi still, Gin punches his old friend and makes a break for it, moving to get over to Gengai and convince him out of causing more of a mess. Although fine, Takasugi escapes, acknowledging his plan was foiled. After the festival, he is found by Katsura and the two discuss Gin's "fangs", with Takasugi revealing he believed they had been lost whereas Katsura states everyone has fangs when they protect something.

Interestingly enough, his next appearance wouldn't be for another 59 chapters, but in the popularity poll in between, he landed in 4th with exactly 1,500 votes. As well, he is seen carrying a gourd canteen when he jumps Gin[11], implying he actually was enjoying the festival.

Infant Strife Arc[]

Although Takasugi himself doesn't appear, his subordinate, Okada Nizou, did. Depending on the translation, a passing reference is made to Takasugi, as Nizou compares Gin's scent to his employer's as both being beast-like[12].

Benizakura Arc[]

Takasugi again resurfaced in Edo during the Benizakura chapters. This time, he didn't come alone: he had brought Kawakami Bansai, Kijima Matako, Takechi Henpeita, Nizou, and the rest of the Kiheitai with him in order to stage a military coup and forcibly overthrow the Bakufu, but from the looks and sounds of it, they were simply ported in Edo in order to test Benizakura and gain information on it, as the bio-weapon required in-battle data to become a true weapon. Using the help of Murata Tetsuya, who created the Benizakura swords, he gave Nizou the first blade and more or less sent him off to gather data.[13][14] However, Nizou began to target random samurai and assassinating them in one-strike sword battles, eventually attempting to take down Katsura. While he did fail, it's hinted that Takasugi was a little upset with this move - whether it was because Nizou was attracting attention or because it was Katsura is unclear. It may be more of the first, though, as the rest of the Kiheitai were upset Nizou recklessly garnered attention. Takasugi threatened to cut through both Nizou and the sword if Nizou ever called Gintoki and Katsura his "comrades" again, as he claims that their relationship wasn't that sweet.[15]

In search of Katsura, Kagura found and faced off against Takasugi for a brief moment under the light of the full moon. She didn't attack due to her instincts alerting her of Takasugi's "dangerous smell", and she was swiftly attacked and captured by the combined efforts of Henpeita and Matako. Takasugi silently watched the battle and appeared to have made no orders concerning Kagura or Nizou, who had returned to the base missing an arm, as Nizou was left alone and Kagura was next seen tied to the wall presumably for information, though honestly, no one there knew whose side she was on (as Takasugi never saw her alongside Gin until after this arc)[16].

As the Joui patriots under Katsura attacked in revenge, Takasugi had disappeared to monitor the Benizakuras alongside Tetsuya and had made a quick stop to speak to and threaten Nizou. On deck, as the firefight raged on, Kagura was put up as a hostage, only to be fully ignored. He did eventually reappear, though, when Shinpachi (who had hopped upon the ship himself to save the Yato girl) and Kagura were hoisted back on deck by Elizabeth, slicing through the head of the penguin mascot. Though he states this "isn't a venue for cosplay", he's surprised that Katsura was under the costume and is nearly cut down by his former ally[17].

Katsura reveals he had been on deck this entire time, watching from the shadows and studying Takasugi's plot. It's revealed that Takasugi was also protected by the brunt of the attack through Shouyou's book, and the two idly chat about Nizou's failure before a bomb Katsura set up goes off. In the confusion resulting from that and the Joui patriots boarding the ship, Takasugi escapes back inside with Matako and Henpeita, his subordinates holding Shinpachi and Kagura back. He rests for a bit, finding a balcony from which he can watch Gin battle Nizou, and he chats with Katsura again. He reveals to his old friend his contemplations about the world and being a samurai, stating he can't see anything but a path of destroying the Bafuku[18], and he exposes the source of his pain: the world they live in now took away Yoshida Shouyou, his former teacher, and because of that his burning hatred will lead him to do anything to take revenge.

Although Katsura tries to pull Takasugi back, stating he's upset as well but now has things to protect, the Amanto appear as Takasugi's allies. Explaining that he heard both Gin and Katsura had gotten into an altercation with the Amanto earlier, he offered his assistance in taking their heads for their gunpower and manpower. Reinforcing that all he wants is to destroy this corrupted world, he flees his burning and battered ship with the rest of the living Kiheitai members onto the Harusame flagship, only sticking around long enough to see Gin and Katsura promise a battle the next time they met[19].

The bomb Katsura set up and the multiple wounds the boat suffered from the air battle that surrounded the ship caused the loss of the main Kiheitai ship. Through losing the ship, Takasugi also lost the Benizakura swords and some manpower, which caused his disappearance. Yamazaki backs the claim by reporting to Toshirou several chapters later, stating that both the Kiheitai Faction and the Joui Faction both lost enough manpower to cause their respective retreats from the public eye.

Shinsengumi Crisis Arc[]

Much like with Nizou in the Infant Strife Arc, Bansai appears and makes multiple references to him, revealing Takasugi's plan through conversations with Yamazaki Sagaru and Gin. Depending on whose word you take, Bansai or Shinsuke's, the ultimate goal was to lure the Shinsengumi away from the Bakufu, allowing the Harusame an opportunity to sign a truce with the top authorities that likely would've ended in an eventual degradation and destruction of the government, or what Takasugi wanted, the absolute destruction of the Shinsengumi.

According to bits of the information offered by Bansai, when Itou appeared before the Kiheitai, Takasugi quickly formed an idea to use Itou's rebellion plan for his own advantage: destroy the Shinsengumi through a disruption in their ranks and then kill Itou, as the Kiheitai (according to Bansai) has a personal policy on not dealing with those easily capable of betrayal as members like that may easily become double-edged swords[20]. Then, either to earn Itou's trust or to have someone keep an eye on everything, Bansai was ordered to follow along and respect Itou's orders whenever given and Itou was allowed use of the Kiheitai manpower.

After the battle, which ended in Itou's death and Bansai himself nearly getting crushed by a helicopter, the swordsman of the Kiheitai returned to base and greeted his true boss. Takasugi, seen playing a shamisen, comments that the Bakufu government is strong and chides both his subordinate and Itou for being weak. When Bansai reminds Takasugi of the plan, Takasugi replies that the mission was to destroy. When Bansai leaves, he states that the things Gin fight for "remains the same" and that he shows interest in hearing the rest of Gin's song. As Bansai leaves, Takasugi looks on in disdain and continues to play his shamisen[21].

In Lesson 173, it's brought up that, due to the battle, enough manpower was lost to weaken the Kiheitai enough to cause inactivity.

Kabukicho Four Devas Arc[]

In the aftermath of the Kabukichou Four Devas arc, Takasugi is shown on the main Harusame ship, likely making more dealings for assistance. However, the Admiral of the pirates at the time, Admiral Abo, sent Kamui to eliminate him due to Takasugi's reoccurring habits of following his own plans. Although it was revealed to eventually be a ruse to kill Kamui, as the Admiral feared that he'd be overthrown if Kamui stuck around, the Yato's endurance proves to be the undoing of the whole event: because he withstood being pierced by poison arrows and being struck by Takasugi's sword, Takasugi had the chance to recruit Kamui by taking him up on an offer of being allowed as much destruction as he wanted.

In Kamui's public execution, Takasugi broke the bonds holding Kamui and sided with him, taking on the Harusame with the Yato by his side. When Squad 7 and the Kiheitai got involved in a growing brawl, Admiral Abo fled and was soon caught by and killed by Kamui. With Harusame now in control of Kamui, the two became allies in a temporary truce (as Kamui showed interest in battling and killing Takasugi and Takasugi wanted to use Kamui as a weapon) and the Yato under Kamui's control begun to follow the orders of the Kiheitei.

It's revealed during this arc that Henpeita regularly disguises himself as Takasugi in order to issue commands or to fool his subordinates into believing he's around in order to cease worriment or something of the sort. Whether or not Takasugi approves of this is unknown, but it's possible he may since Henpeita ends up doing this multiple times later as well as having a megaphone shaped like Takasugi that can change someone's voice into Takasugi's.

Baragaki Arc[]

Beginning a long history of appearing only at the end of arcs, Takasugi meets up with Sasaki Isaburo as the police chief is literally fishing for his subordinate, Imai Nobume[22]. Noticeably, Takasugi refers to Sasaki with the honorific dono, showing the respect he otherwise wouldn't give. Sasaki speaks about how he realizes he, the Bakufu, and everything else is on the edge of "crumbling away" and after stating he's already accepted the idea of becoming bait, Takasugi leaves with a smile with the promise to turn the sea of rubble that is Edo and transform it into a vacant lot. Although they, all in all, the state plans to work together, it would be quite a while to see this in action.

Courtesan of a Nation Arc[]

Irony strikes Tokugawa Sada Sada, who believed he could escape from jail without death. Disguising himself as a Naraku agent, Takasugi slips into the jail Sada Sada is confined in and stabs Sada Sada, he states he'll judge him and, with even more irony, accidentally requotes Gin from several chapters ago. With the words "Give my regards to Sensei for me", Takasugi brutally murders Sada Sada and disappears before Kondo and Hijikata arrive.

Nobume states that she and Isaburou would be joining forces with Takasugi, but she chastises Oboro for doing the same. When asked if Gintoki and Takasugi are similar to Shouyou, Nobume says that Takasugi is "seeking to destroy what he (Shouyou) had left". Noticeably, while she's saying this, the panels cut to reveal Gintoki and Takasugi (in his normal kimono) walking by each other in the street. Neither shows any sign of recognizing each other when being shoulder to shoulder, but after walking some distance away, Gintoki looks back, while takasugi doesn't.[23]

Patriot Reunion Party Arc[]

Sakamoto and Katsura organize a reunion for the members of the Joui Army, inviting Gintoki and Takasugi in an attempt to kickstart a "Past Arc" where they could all finally be cool together. However, Takasugi himself never really appeared, mostly because his subordinates intercepted the invite and never told him about it. Instead, Henpeita comes in his place, falsifying letters from Takasugi and then proceeding to use the mysterious fifth member, Kurokono Tasuke, and Gin's fear of ghosts to kill them off and help further their leader's plan. It's unknown if Takasugi actually would've come or not, or if he even remembered Kurokono, since nothing was passed by the Kiheitai leader.

In the Joui flashbacks, however, Takasugi is a constant element, since most of the conversation ended up becoming about him. It's seen that he has a rivalry with Gin and that they ended up fighting about a lot of things while not in war, like choosing girls in red-light districts (and Takasugi won, but he spent the whole night drinking away thus the girl finding him boring) and childishly playing Kick the Can with outrageous enthusiasm. The running joke was how he had an obsession with Yakult, from sending a large supply of it to the New Years Party from threatening Sakamoto into drinking it, which left a large impression on the fanbase since it was the first time Takasugi was, since his introduction, the butt of a joke.

It should be said as well that Gin, Katsura, and Sakamoto were easily fooled into believing Takasugi had left them threatening-looking messages like "I'll pay for the Yakult at this party too; go drink with Shirako all you want" and the like, as well as Gin saying that Takasugi is the kind of person who'd go to a reunion only to play on his phone the entire time and questioning his abilities at writing letters.[24]

Grim Reaper Arc[]

Takasugi's habit of only appearing at the end of arcs comes back as he appears before Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu, smoking his pipe. Nobu Nobu says that he wasn't trying to take away Takasugi's prey and comments on how Takasugi and Gintoki are both important players in the field, whether to destroy the country or to save it. Takasugi tells him that his or Gintoki's head aren't that easy to take, and reminds him that they are on the same side only because Nobu Nobu, like him, wants to overthrow the Bakufu. Takasugi warns him that, if he no longer stands against Shige Shige, both Takasugi and Gintoki might pursue him and it's hard to tell which of them would kill him first.[25]

Shogun Assassination Arc[]

The Shogun Assassination Arc features the first time Takasugi appears at the very beginning, but in usual circumstances. As Nobu Nobu states he plans on removing Tokugawa Shige Shige, he hears someone coming from behind and believes they're the "new limbs". However, it is Kamui, delivering a punch that sends Nobu Nobu flying. Takasugi appears shortly after, addressing Kamui's mistake with the same attitude Gin would to Kagura: Kamui says that, since Nobu Nobu is the "next Shogun" and they were wanting to kill the "current Shogun", they were one and the same because both of them were "a Shogun". In response, Takasugi sighs and comments that Nobu Nobu probably won't remember anything (considering he's now lodged in a wall across the street) and he says that Nobu Nobu is simply another one of Takasugi's "limbs".

Kamui and Takasugi talk, revealing that they've gained a close relationship between the arcs. Takasugi tells Kamui that, even if Nobu Nobu is weak, he is who they're trying to reinstate as Shogun and if anyone makes a wrong move, it'll end with Nobu Nobu's head being cut off. At the very least, Kamui critically injuring Nobu Nobu has averted all eyes from the Hitotsubashi, so Takasugi treats it as a good thing, and they prepare to attack.[26]

Seemingly aware of the plan to use multiple Shogun doubles to protect the real Shige Shige, Kamui and Takasugi split up, with the Yato forces attacking the flying ships while Takasugi splits his men to attack the Shinsengumi troupe, the fleet of boats on the ocean, and the palace al at once, with Takasugi taking Matako, Bansai, and Henpeita to fight the naval battle. As well, to top it off, many Kihentai members are aboard or within the four groups, seemingly defecting in order to attack from the inside. Kamui comments that Takasugi, and he are in a contest to claim the real Shogun's head, but as usual it's unknown how Takasugi himself feels.

Takasugi's invasion of the naval fleet is a success, with his subordinates quickly killing enough men to make a path to the Shogun. Although he realizes it's a fake, Takasugi still kills everyone in the room and reveals to the faker that what he wants is to destroy the entire Bakufu; a reinstatement of his earlier plans from the beginning. When asked for a ringleader, Takasugi makes an interesting comment: that he's in Hell.

To pursue Shogun, Takasugi arrived at "the village of ninja" with his troops and Kamui's subordinates. A fight broke out between the ninjas and Shogun's protecting squad. Sarutobi Ayame tried to help the wounded former head of Oniwabanshuu Hattori Zenzou escape through a hidden tunnel only known to the villagers but was stopped by Takasugi and Kamui. In this desperate state, Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi came to their aid. Kagura took on Kamui, Gintoki took on Takasugi, and Shinpachi dealt with the rest of the force. With Kagura and Kamui taking their fight into the woods, Shinpachi helping Shogun, Ayame, and Zenzou fled, only Takasugi and Gintoki left before the grand statue.

Both went all out in the fight. With each ferocious strike, Takasugi recalled how he met Gintoki for the first time, how he held his other schoolmates in contempt, how he and Katsura was almost attacked by his schoolmates' elder siblings, and how Gintoki shot his sword to the ground, jumped down from the tree, landed on the bully's face and saved the day. How he went to Shouyou's small private school every day to challenge Gintoki and was beaten every time. How his family was furious that he would lower himself and went to a place like that. He had never given up on challenging Gintoki, his hope of beating him one day burning fiercely. Then one day, he did, and he finally realized that he had been taken in as one of Shouyou's students.

In the present time, the fight continued. Both were battered and bleeding. Gintoki fell to the ground. Takasugi commented that its 247 wins and 246 loss in the record now before falling face down as well. While struggling to get up, he recalled how his family hang him up on a tree for a night and threatened to disown him when they found out he didn't stop visiting Shouyou's. How the bullies from his old school told him they were going to burn down Shouyou's small private school. How on the night he and Katsura decided to interfere with the government force to buy Shouyou time for fleeing, Gintoki showed up. Gintoki had said that Takasugi and Katsura should pull themselves away from this mess and went on with their old lives. Takasugi and Katsura disagreed. It was the night Takasugi abandoned his family and started following Shouyou.

Back in the present, Takasugi experiences an illusion that the person standing in front of him was Shouyou. He asked if Sensai had come to teach him a lesson again. The smoke thins. Gintoki stood, saying that their Sensai had long gone, and now they were the only ones who could stop each other. Their fight resumed in fist fight since their swords had flown out of their hands. Takasugi remembered how in the Joui Wars he had asked Gintoki to protect Sensai if himself didn't make it out, telling Gintoki that only another guy with little ambitious like himself could understand the promise. In turn, Gintoki asked him to make it out alive. Takasugi remembered the day they were forced to witness Gintoki decapitating Shouyou. He begged Gintoki not to do it, bonded and shoved to the ground. He saw the sword swung, the head flew. The last thing he saw with his left eye, was tears streaming down Gintoki's face.

Takasugi confessed then the true object of his anger and hatred wasn't really Gintoki, but himself. Too weak to protect their Sensai, too weak to stop the world from forcing Gintoki to kill Shouyou. Gintoki returned that he hadn't chosen to save Takasugi over Shouyou that day. Even if he had to step over their Sensai's body, even if he had to step over Takasugi's body, he would protect the soul of his comrade Takasugi. Takasugi was surprised to learn it and said he never knew that he could still be counted as the disciple of Shouyou.

A spear pierced Takasugi from behind. Oboro had came aiming to take Shougun away and eliminate Takasugi and Gintoki. Gintoki declared that Oboro was not entitled to take Takasugi's life. Gintoki might not agree with neither Takasugi's goal nor his way of doing things, but that didn't stop him from being the person who understood Takasugi best in the world. Besides, they shared the same hatred toward Tenshouin Naraku. Gintoki claimed that, whether to kill Takasugi or to save him, he was the only one who could carry out the action. During the subsequent fight, Takasugi stabbed Oboro in the eye through the space left by Gintoki. He stood next to Gintoki and then told Oboro "Even if one of us would fall here, the other would surely send you to hell." Shortly after, Kagura and Kamui turned up, saving Gintoki and Takasugi away from Naraku respectively. [27]

Takasugi fell into a coma sometimes after leaving the village of ninjas. He was still in an unconscious state when the Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc started.

Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc[]

An invasion happened on Kiheitai's ship with Takasugi still in coma. Bansai told Matako to run away and left the job of saving their leader to him. However, Bansai was saved by Sakamoto Tatsuma before he could rescue Takasugi. In the end, Abuto was the one to have pulled Takasugi out from the wreck. They landed on the planet Rakuyou while the surviving members of Kiheitai asked Nobume for help. She then forwarded the information to Gintoki and Katsura. Both boarded the ship sailing to Rakuyou, though they claimed that they were just making sure someone else didn't kill Takasugi before they did.

With the help of Umibouzu, Takasugi was evacuated from the Kiheitai designated gathering site attacked by Utsuro. He stayed unconscious while Gintoki, Katsura and Tatsuma were fighting separately. In the attack, he was blown away from the stretcher. Matako tried to grab him but was pulled away by Kagura in the last second lest she fell off the cliff as well. Kamui was the one who caught Takasugi in mid-air and saved him.

There was a short soliloquy when he was on the brink of consciousness. The short paragraph involving rain and tears was concluded with the sentence "I only know that I don't want to see rain anymore". He joined the battle right away, and protected Shinpachi from Tendoushuu just like Gintoki protected Bansai.

The four Jouishishi reunited for the first time after a decade. Sakamoto downright exposed Takasugi's delight of seeing his old comrades intact and in good spirit. It's disputable though if Sakamoto had been right in interpreting Gintoki's "fuck you" as "Gintoki wants to fuck Takasugi".
Near the end of the arch, Takasugi fought with Oboro and prevailed. This earned him the last secret from "the first disciple of Shouyou". Oboro asked him to bring his ash back to the Shouka Sonjuku.

Silver Soul Arc[]

After two years, Gintoki met Takasugi in the ruin of Shouka Sonjuku. He commented on how he didn't expect to see a ghost and a new tomb here. He exchanged blows with Takasugi and found in surprise that Takasugi seemed to have Altana's quick-healing ability now. Soon the police came to the scene and Takasugi took his leave. Before departing, Takasugi told Gintoki to turn back when he still could, and leave the business of ghosts in the hand of another ghost.


  • Takasugi Shinsuke is based on the real Kiheitai leader Takasugi Shinsaku, a samurai who founded and commanded the Kiheitai in an effort to fight against the Bakufu. His actions eventually lead to the Meiji Restoration, but he died before he could see it through, which mirrors the final events of the Gintama series.
  • In all versions of Episode 150 he appears as the final enemy, in a battle against Gintoki while Edo is burning, but this is proven false because he joins forces with Kamui.
  • In the manga, Takasugi's yukata is a complicated pattern of mountains, flowers, and fog, but in the anime, it was turned into a very simple-looking yukata with yellow butterflies and a "fog" of yellow at the very end. His jacket, however, remains a constant: a dark green jacket carefully patterned with gold swirling lines.
  • In the popularity poll, Takasugi is placed 4th in the first and second popularity poll and in 5th during the third popularity poll which makes him one of the most popular characters even though he barely appears. Furthermore, although Takasugi is often brought up, is the largest known villain, holds a connection with most of the main characters, and holds probably the most destructive potential, he never appears in any filler episode content unless in flashback or as a joke. As such, other characters take his place when he's needed: Madao dresses up as him in the Popularity Poll arc, Katsura in the second movie, and Henpeita when Takasugi is away or somewhat important to the plot.
  • In Tales of the Rays, Takasugi appears as a playable character in the second collaboration event with Gin Tama. During which, he gains an original arteset.


Fight Outcome Time it Occurred
Takasugi Shinsuke vs. Sakata Gintoki Interrupted Episode 304 - Episode 305
Takasugi and Sakata Gintoki vs. Oboro Draw Episode 306
Takasugi Shinsuke vs. Oboro Win Episode 327


  • (ToSakata Gintoki) "I know his suffering, after all the black beast of vengeance lies within me as well."
  • (To Katsura Kotarou) "I'm fine with being a beast, I neither want nor need anything to protect. I just want to destroy everything, until the beast stops whining."
  • (To Admiral Abou) "It's better to be the head of the cat than the tail of a lion. I'd rather be a bandit chief than a pirate or bigwig."
  • (To Kamui) "It's more fun to dance with a batshit crazy idiot, than a plain old idiot."
  • (To Katsura Kotarou) "Zura...The sword in your hand...who taught us how to use it? Our samurai code, our way of living. Who taught us these ? The one who gave us a world to live in, was without a doubt...Shoyou-sensei. Yet, this world... took him from us. In that case, we have no other choice, but to fight this world. We have to completely destroy...this world that took him from us. Hey do you feel living in this world? In this world that took our teacher away from us. How could you live in it, in such a carefree manner? It pisses me off!"
  • (To Kawakami Bansai) "Bansai. Can't you get into the groove of my song?"
  • (To Admiral Abou) "You're the one who's no longer needed. Didn't you hear me? I'm the executioner here, the only executioner needed in this place. Off with your heads."
  • (To Sakamoto Tatsuma) "I bought you some damn yakult. So shut the hell up and drink it!"
  • (To Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu) "I'm touched by your having such a high estimation of me. As long as you are opposing the bakufu, I'll keep standing here. But the moment you gave up on that it might be that the ones bitting at that neck may be him (Gintoki) or me."
  • (To Kamui) "I'm like you...searching for a place to use my sharpened fangs,but this leaky boat won't take me anywhere."
  • "Have a nice nap in hell...leaky boat crew!"
  • (To Okada Nizou) "Don't label us as comrades,our relationship isn't that simple."
  • (To Tokugawa Sada Sada) "That's right.You won't be judged by the shogun or the heavens.You will be me.Don't bother trying to remember me, cause I'll bring the Tendoshu and those worthless crows,no...I'll bring the heads of every person on this planet down to hell with me....Say hello, to sensei for me."
  • (To a ninja) " We never had all that much interest in that from the start. What we've been really seeking is not his head. It's you guys. The Shogun's limbs. Hit or miss, if we pull up all the roots, the head will fall on its own. "
  • (To a ninja who asked him about his ringleader) " He's in Hell. Where you're about to go. "
  • (To Gintoki when realize he realized why his old friend was saving him and Katsura, instead of Shoyo in the past. Shortly before Oboro arrives and impales him) "I see... Looks like I wasn't expelled from the school after all."
  • (Response Gintoki's words to Oboro on "Don't you dare talk about Shouyou") "You're not qualified!"
  • (To Oboro after stabbing him in the eye) : " Make burn that into your memory as well. The last face that eye saw. Me or him? Even if one of us fell here the other will definitely send you to hell."
  • (To Gintoki in Gintama: the final) "This left eye has closed forever, bearing your tearful face as the last image it saw. Don't let your grief stricken face be the last thing printed into my right eye before it's closed forever as well."


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