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|jva=[[Wikipedia:Yumi Uchiyama|Uchiyama Yumi]] (young)
|jva=[[Wikipedia:Teiyū Ichiryūsai|Ichiryūsai Teiyū]]
[[Wikipedia:Yumi Uchiyama|Uchiyama Yumi]] (young)

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Good men always keep their promises.

Suzuran (鈴蘭) , also known as The Courtesan Of The Heavens, and Yoshiwara Paradise's (吉原桃源郷) former highest ranking courtesan.


Being the highest ranking courtesan of Yoshiwara, she excels in singing and dancing and no one in Yoshiwara can rival her in any of the arts.

During her young days in Yoshiwara, Tokugawa Sada Sada would regularly visit her.

Suzuran was later used by Sada Sada as a tool to lure higher Bafuku officials.

Suzuran would cry everyday in her cell but Maizou comes to her cell only to wipe her tears. Sada Sada grew tired of Suzuran and asked Maizou to kill her but instead of doing something cruel to her, they both made a promise to escape together until the full moon comes.


In her younger days in Yoshiwara, her beauty has attracted all men and no one in Yoshiwara can rival her. Years later, she became short, has wrinkles and keeps her eyes close.

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