Soutatsu is a warrior of the Shinra Tribe. He and his men worked for the Altana Liberation Army in the mission to destroy planet Earth.


Like other members of the Shinra Tribe Soutatsu has pointy ears. He wears bandages around his mouth and nose as well as his forehead.


Soutatsu does everything to accomplish his tasks. He takes others as hostages, killing them if he is not complied, and even uses his own men's lives to defeat an enemy. He sneers at just using his brute force to fight.

Strength & Abilities

Soutatsu and his division use group tactics to overwhelm the enemy. They even use each other's life to take their target down.

He uses a sword in battle.


Friends & Allies

  • Enshou:He allied himself with Enshou's Altana Liberation Army and got deployed to Earth by his command.
  • Ougai:While Soutatsu and Ougai both do not seem to like another and their tactics, both of their squads attacked the Kabuki District together.



Silver Soul Arc

While working for the Altana Liberation Army, Soutatsu and his division attacked the Kabuki District. While the townspeople were fighting Ougai he and his men sneaked in and took Shimura Tae as well as other women as hostages. He demanded that the person who constructed the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Gengai Cannon, which disabled all the technological equipment, to show himself. However almost everybody in the district told him that it was them, who made it. Angered by this, Soutatsu pushed Otae down a building's roof and tried to attack Otose. In this moment however he was stopped by Doromizu Jirochou, who came to defend his hometown. Together with his daughter and the Yorozuya he fought Soutatsu's divison inside the building and after a short battle the members of the Shinra Tribe got defeated. Soutatsu himself was struck down by Gintoki's wodden sword.


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