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Silver Soul Arc is the 67th and final arc in Gintama, following the previous arc.


Utsuro's ultimate plan is revealed: spark a universal war that will ultimately lead to the destruction of Earth, allowing him to finally die but taking the universe down with him. Gintoki and others must team up with old allies and former enemies to not only defeat him but also the victims of the immortal's plans, a gathering army of vengeful Amanto who may no longer listen to reason...


Two years pass since the war and Edo rebuilds, changes and moves on, the most surprising and shocking change being the dissolution of the Yorozuya and the disappearance of Gintoki. While almost everyone wonders why but continues on their own paths, a new force lead by an old enemy rises up in the shadows with only one goal, to use Utsuro as a means to achieve immortality and power. Standing in their way is Utsuro's three disciples, but will that be enough when said three have their own agendas and may not work together?



  • Silver Soul is a tribute to the title, Gintama, which both use the same words in Kanji.
    • After lesson 698, the manga moved from Weekly Shounen Jump to Shounen Jump GiGA (a magazine that publishes irregularly) for the next three chapters before finishing in the Shounen Jump Gintama app.