Catch me if you can. But it won't be easy to grab the sleeve of the King of Criminals!

Shachi (鯱) is a criminal in prison.


Not much is known besides he has done a lot of crimes. Assuming he is nicknamed as "the Killer", one would guess he has actually killed somebody.


In his first appearance, his face has 2 short stripes tattoos on each side of his face. Later on he'll scar his forehead into cross shape, he added 4 dots to the cross after Gintoki questioned him.

In his second appearance, he wore a regular prison clothes but with shoulder pads and a belt.


He is violent and easily aggravated but is also extremely sensitive when it comes to his sense of fashion, such as shoulder pads and ripped sleeves being belittled. He is easily manipulated into a servant, as Katsura and Gintoki did so with ease.


Friends & Allies

  • Katsura Kotarou: At first Shachi was hostile to Katsura until he said that someone ripped off his sleeves. He later submitted to Katsura as the leader but this was an act in order to escape the prison island.
  • Sakata Gintoki: Shachi calls Gintoki as Aniki but Gintoki can never remember his name properly. After Gintoki left the prison, Gintoki would normally meet Shachi in prison to read Shachi's manga and collaborate with him.

Love Interest

  • Narutaki Sensei: Shachi fell in love with the prison doctor after she read Shachi's manga.


He was first seen when Katsura was sent into a prison.

His second appearance was when Gintoki was sent to prison for a crime he didn't committed. Shachi under the order of the warden was to harass Gintoki and the old man. The old man revealed that Shachi drew a manga for a newcomer jump contest.

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