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I said goodbye to my old self and started anew! I've given up as a Bad-Boy, I'm moving to B to C. I have matured into Cherry- Boy.

Sasaki Tetsunosuke

Tetsu is the assistant to Hijikata Toushirou and half-brother to Sasaki Isaburo.


He was an illegitimate child born between a mistress and the previous Sasaki heir. After his mother died, he moved into the Sasaki family but was treated harshly.

Having been badmouthed behind his back, he joined the Check it out Gang but later ran away after witnessing their cruel acts and illegal business fearing that the gang would have found out that he was half-brother to a Mimawarigumi commander.


Tetsu is chubby and short. He has a round face and has a shave haircut.

As a Bad boy, he dressed up as a New York gangster style along with his Shinsengumi uniform. He has unnecessary accessories such as the sunglasses, cap and gold chains. He also rolled one of his pants legs up to his knee. He tends to be rude to his peers, and even had a rap battle with Gintoki in the middle of the road (after Gintoki destroyed the car's sound system with his bokuto), but after Gintoki won, he had a sense of respect for him

As a Cherry Boy, his appearance is completely different. He has a baby face (which he was trying to mask with his sunglasses earlier) and his eyes are drawn more like an old shoujo manga.


When first introduced, he acts like a New York gangster or B-boy (Bad-boy) and he occasionally speaks in rap. He was more selfish as he thinks he can do whatever he wants.

But after Toushirou backed Tetsu when Isaburo bad mouthed him, Tetsu changes into a polite person. Toushirou's influence made Tetsu more hard working, polite and compassionate.



  • Sasaki Isaburo: His half brother. Tetsu was afraid of Isaburo, as he wouldn't hesitate kill him. But deep down Tetsu wants a familial bond with his brother, despite their differences. Thus when both him and Nobume are attacked by Naraku soldiers while getting Isaburo and their allies to safety, Isaburo repaid his half-brother's debt and sacrificed his life to save him and Nobume, so they can escape quickly albeit without Isaburo. Facing the loss of his brother from the enemies' hands, Tetsunosuke along with Nobume mourns his brother's sacrifice, as seen in the Boshin War arc of Shinsengumi Rebellion story part.

Friends & Allies[]

  • Imai Nobume: Both have a familial close relationship with Isaburo. As Tetsunosuke finally sees his brother showing his inner kindness by sacrificing his life to save him and Nobume, he, along with their police companions tries to console Nobume in her mourning, and they honor Isaburo's death with a salute.
  • Hijikata Toushirou:

    Episode 244

    Tetsu's served Toushirou as his assistant. At first Toushirou disliked Tetsu because of his B-Boy gangster act, elite background and spoilt behaviour. Toshirou defended Tetsu from Sasaki Isaburo who was bad mouthing Tetsu in front of him. After Tetsu learnt from Kondo Isao that Toshirou and Tetsu had similar background where both of them were illegitimate sons of elite fathers and mistresses, and seeing how Toshirou understood how Tetsu felt, Tetsu changed from a B-Boy (Bad boy) to a C-Boy (Cherry Boy). Tetsu decided to become stronger in order to walk the path of the Shinsengumi. Toshirou mentions in the Baragaki arc that he shamefully learnt one or two things while watching Tetsu.


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Thorny Arc[]

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  • Tetsunosuke gets his name from a combination of two persons related to Hijikata Toshizō:
  • Tetsunosuke has the same voice actor is Chouji Akimichi from Naruto Shippuuden.
  • He has the same rapping skill of Killer Bee from Naruto Shippuuden.
  • He looks like Heita Genji from Ranma ½.