The bells of Jetavana toll, echoing the impermence of all things. The colour of the flowers on the sal tree. Only the evil practice certain death. I won't let you lay a finger on these people.
Sarutobi Ayame

Sarutobi Ayame ( 猿飛 あやめ ) is a ninja from the Oniwabanshuu by training, but is currently working as an assassin.She also has a part-time job at the Kunoichi Café. Since her initial appearance, she has developed a serious obsessive infatuation with Sakata Gintoki, to the point of even stalking him. She is severely myopic, to the point of being almost blind (cannot tell living things from inanimate objects) without her eye glasses. It is also hinted that she doesn't see well even with her eyeglasses on, as she once mistook Kagura (dressed up as Gintoki at episode 97 part 2 ) for Gintoki himself.However, this could solely be due to her infatuation with him. She has frequently clashed with Otae for various reasons.


Not much is known about Sarutobi Ayame's past. She was trained as a ninja in the Oniwabanshuu, but would later resign and become an assassin,as seen written in her resumé. She attended the funeral of Zenzou's Father and it came to light that both she and Wakikaoru were his students and attended the same class together, during which they would often play Kick-the-can because it demanded the ability for them to hide themselves and make instantaneous decisions.


She has long, light purple hair and wears dark-red glasses. There is a beauty mark on her chin, and she is apparently big-breasted (mentioned by both Gintoki and Kagura).Her usual attire consists of a Martial Arts training uniform top with its arms cut off and a red band wrapped around the waist. Her arms are covered by dark purple forearm sleeves that matches her scarf in the same color, and on her left breast she has a protection cup. She wears black boots and her legs are mostly uncovered, except for some black hotpants. She has been shown using many different kinds of weapons, such as kunai, metallic claws and other items. However, one that stands out in particular is her natto which basically means beans they are presented as sticky fermented bean dish, which she regularly uses to slow down her enemies, making them unable to move.

Throughout the series, she has been shown wearing different outfits and costumes.

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Sa-chan in genderbent form.

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Ayame has a playful attitude, but gets serious when it comes to her work. She also seems to enjoy bondage and S&M.Although Gintoki is indifferent to her affections and even treats her badly most times (e.g throwing things at her whenever he senses her stalker presence), her 'M' or masochistic personality only makes her enjoy the punishment, and his 'cruelty' only serves to encourage her. Despite the 'stalker' label, she feels insulted to be compared to Kondou Isao and his stalking of Shimura Tae. At multiple occasions, she has shown that her mind is very sex-oriented, trying to get Gintoki to join her S&M games, or being aroused by a lack of public decency.

Strength and Abilities

She's been trained by Zenzou's father since childhood as a ninja.

Ayame would soon reach the conclusion that she had to separate her love-life from her work, and thus she creates two different "modes" for herself. One of them is the Lovestruck-pig mode, while the other is her Killer mode, as she works an assassin.

Sa-chan in her Lovestruck-pig mode


Sa-chan in her Killer-mode

Her Lovestruck-pig mode usually activites anytime she is around Sakata Gintoki, making her unstable and worrying about him rather than her work. Her Killer mode, on the other hand usually activates anytime she has to prioritize her job. Hilarity ensues when her cover is as a nurse, and she activates Killer mode on her patients whenever they interrupt her and Gintoki (who's in the hospital after his moped exploded).

Her favorite food is natto, which she uses in her jutsu.

When Hiraga Gengai repaired her glasses, he upgraded and added new features and these features are:

  • Shooting Laser beams.
  • The Earpiece can extend, multiply and attacking enemies.
  • Can analyse enemies from power level, range, lock on targets and predicting attack form.
  • Can transform her whole body into an armored angel:

    Sa-chan in her "The Flight of Hundred Glasses" mode

    • Use "The Glasses school of Ninjutsu" style.
    • The ultimate attack: "The Flight of Hundred Glasses", which fires hundreds of glasses from the wings at locked on targets face and detonates.


Sarutobi Ayame is an assassin, but she also has a part-time job in the Kunoichi Kafé where she works as a waitress. Her manager there is Kawasaki. When she is not working she seems to be spending most of her time stalking Sakata Gintoki.

Go-Ninja Arc

Infant Strife Arc

Sarutobi battle agaisnt Otae when she belives that Gintoki and Otae had a child together.

Train Samurai Arc

Monkey Hunter Arc

Character Poll Arc

Santa Arc

Glasses Arc

Scandal Arc

Love Choriss Arc

Host Club Arc

Kintama Arc



  • Zenzou's Father: She was a student of him during childhood along with Zenzou. She even visited his funeral

Friends & Allies

  • Hattori Zenzou:
  • Kondo Isao: She see him as good friend who can help her to make Otae's back out from Gintoki. Sarutobi always meets up or hang around whit him when they want to spy on Gintoki and Otae and sometimes they both pop out of their hiding spot which most of the times cause them to get beat up by Gintoki and Otae.
  • Shimura Tae: She sees her as the first love rival standing between her and Gintoki. When Sarutobi gets time off in work she would always hides in Otae's house when she discovers Gintoki went to Otae's house in order to prevent Otae and gintoki been alone. She even one time confused the baby name Hashida Kanshichirou from being Gintoki's and Otae's son.
  • Tsukuyo: She sees her as the second love rival standing between her and Gintoki. Sarutobi always complain about the character ranking with Tsukuyo as Sarutobi ranked in 25th and Tsukuyo in 10th.

Love interest

  • Sakata Gintoki: She has a huge crush on Gintoki believing that he is a sadist and always stalks him every time she gets day off on work. She pop out from her hiding spot when sees him around Otae or when he is in trouble. Sometimes Gintoki discover were she is hiding and throws something at her when he needs her on a job.



  • She is most likely to be based on the historic ninja Sarutobi Sasuke.
  • In one of the postscripts in the Gintama manga, Sorachi Hideaki explained why Sarutobi's nickname is Sa-chan. It is actually because Sa-chan is more suitable than Saru-chan, because Saru in Japanese means monkey.
  • Sarutobi is one of three heroines that show their affection towards Gintoki, the others being Tsukuyo and Otae.
  • She is known for being a true stalker along with Kondou and Toujou


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