Father of Saigou Teruhiko and owner of okama club by the name of 「かまっ娘倶楽部」kamakko club.


A past Joui fighter more senior than Katsura Kotarou's generation, he was well-known at that time as the powerful White Loincloth Saigou (鬼神•マドマーゼル西郷). Now as one of the 4 Devas of the Kabuki District, he is known as Fearsome God Mademoiselle Saigou (鬼神•マドマーゼル西郷).

He married his wife and had a son but after his wife died and without a maternal figure, he decided to cross dress and became an Okama.


Saigou Tokumori himself dresses as a woman, wearing a kimono.

When he is in battle, he wears nothing but a white loincloth.


He is fiercely protective towards his fellow transvestites which is shown by him attacking anybody who insults them. One of his punishments for people who express disgust or hatred towards transvestites is to work at the club and dress as a transvestite to instill empathy.

Strength & Abilities

Saigou has immense strength and durability. He made a name for himself during the Joui wars as a legendary warrior that assaulted an Amanto ship with nothing but a loincloth. He took a hit from Kagura on the chin, which sent him flying a few feet, but he appeared to be entirely unharmed from the blow. He also defended Pirako from two swords with his back, taking the blows in his shoulder, and was still able to fight afterwards.

He usually fights with his bare hands but he used a hammer during the 4 Devas of the Kabuki District arc.


In Episode 24 which he appeared, he forced Gintoki and Katsura to crossdress, after they showed disrespect about his crossdressing disposition.

Kabukicho Four Devas Arc

Host Club Arc

Silver Soul Arc


  • Based on Saigo Takamori (西郷隆盛) of the late Edo period, a samurai who made a huge impact in Japanese history.

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