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===Keisei Arc===
===Ikkoku Keisei Arc===
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Rotten Maizouis the servant of the Tokugawa Family 徳川家, and the lover of Suzuran.


Maizou was a loyal servant to Tokugawa Sada Sada in his younger days. When Sada Sada used Suzuran in order to become a Shougun, Maizou would always go to Suzuran and wipe her tears everyday. Maizou was order by Sada Sada to kill Suzuran but he could not kill the one that he loves. Instead, they exchanges promises to escape together on the full moon. However, Sada Sada found out about everything and had his arm cut off where he made a promise with Suzuran. Some years later, he severs both Shige Shige and Soyo.


He is a old man with wrinkles and glasses. He had both arms in his younger age but was cut off by Sada Sada. Later he had his other arm cut off again by Sada Sada.


As a servant of the Shougunate, he is a loyal man to the Shougunate Family. He can also be very protective to Soyo.



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Ikkoku Keisei Arc

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