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The unnamed Recycle-shop Proprietress 十徳の娘 is also known as the shop-owner of the Recycle Shop "Earth Defense Army Base" リサイクルショップ「地球防衛基地」.


Her father was one of the top mechanical engineers in Edo, but was forced by some evil people to invented a machine that could produce counterfeit-gold[1] called senpuuki (銭封機).


She has maroon brown hair and teal green eyes. She wears a purple yukata and has been seen smoking a kiseru.


Coming off more or less apathetic at first, it came to light that she was extremely protective of her father's creation, the senpuuki (銭封機).


She first appeared in Episode 21 when Sakata Gintoki of the Yorozuya wanted to buy an electric fan from her. However she thinks Gintoki wants counterfeit-gold machine: senpuuki (銭封機). This machine's name is pronounced the same way as electric fan (扇風機), causing much confusion for Gintoki, who was looking for such an electric fan. When Gintoki first entered her store and asked about a senpuuki, she mistaked it as an inquiry about her father's machine, and Gintoki for a member of the evil organization. However, after a series of events, Gintoki ultimately helped her destroy her father's machine so that it would not be of any use to the evil organization. In return, she offers an air condition but Gintoki wants an electric fan from her shop.

During the Benizakura Chapter, she was one of the sources of information that Gintoki sought while investigating the purportedly missing sword.

She would exchange Gintoki's jammed VCR for the cursed Blu-ray player. The cursed blu-ray player has a Blu-wraith inside the disc. Later, Gintoki would exchange the Blu-Wraith's VCR for the Cursed Kotatsu.


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