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The Rakuyou Decisive Battle Arc is the 63rd arc in Gintama, following the previous arc. This arc gives important revelations about Utsuro and the Tendoushuu, the potential regathering of the Four Heavenly Kings and the ominous threat Utsuro poses to the universe.


Weeks after the Shinsengumi leave Edo, the Yorozuya and Katsura's Jouishishi have been in hiding since then. A request from Imai Nobume leads to the two groups teaming up with the remnant Kiheitai plus Sakamoto and his Kaientai to save Kamui and Takasugi from the deadly clutches of Utsuro and his Harusame. Things become more complicated when Utsuro also sets his sights on Umibouzu, who is also after Kamui. All these groups will come together and fight to survive on the Rakuyou.


  1. Yorozuya
    1. Sakata Gintoki
    2. Shimura Shinpachi
    3. Kagura
    4. Sadaharu
  2. Yoshida Shouyou (flashback)
  3. Jouishishi
    1. Elizabeth
    2. Katsura Kotarou
  4. Kiheitai
    1. Takasugi Shinsuke
    2. Kijima Matako
    3. Kawakami Bansai
    4. Takechi Henpeita
  5. Harusame former 7th Division
    1. Kamui
    2. Abuto
  6. Umibouzu
  7. Utsuro
  8. Tenshouin Naraku
    1. Oboro
  9. Harusame
    1. Uranus Hankai (debut)
    2. Neptune Shoukaku (debut)
    3. Pluto Batou (debut)
    4. Shirei (debut)
  10. Imai Nobume
  11. Sasaki Isaburo (mention, flashback)
  12. Kaientai
    1. Sakamoto Tatsuma
    2. Mutsu
  13. Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu
  14. Kouka (flashback, debut)
  15. Tendoshu
  16. Pakuyasa (flashback, debut)

Major Fights[]


  • This arc reveals the origins and insight of the following: Tendoushuu (First hinted in the Inugami Arc), Shouyou and Utsuro (as well as the real reason for Shouyou's arrest), Kagura's family (specifically her mother) and the other Yato, Katsura, and Oboro.
  • As of March 9th 2016, this arc surpassed the Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc to become the second longest arc in the series, just behind the Silver Soul Arc.