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Prince Hata

Prince Hata (ハタ皇子) or as most of the characters like to call him, Prince Baka (バカ皇子 Baka ōji)[1], is an Amanto prince of the planet Oukoku. He is a mildly recurring character in Gintama.


He has light purple skin in the anime (white in the manga) and dark red hair that only exists on the sides and back. He has an antenna on his forehead that all males of his people have called a Chidanneksko, that is frequently ripped off by other people/animals as an early running gag in the series.

His younger-self has a similar appearance as Sakamoto Tatsuma.



Despite placing high value on friendship and animal husbandry, Prince Hata is hypocritical in what he preaches as demonstrated when he imagined himself in a Tarzan-like adventure but readily left his companions to die. He is infatuated with animals, although the ones he keeps are often extremely violent or dangerous, normally resulting in their destruction at the hands of the Yorozuya. Like many other members of Amanto, he sees humans as inferior trash fit only to serve the Amanto. And in turn no one respects him, even giving him the nickname "Stupid Prince", not even his retainer Nes respects him.


Hata was second in line to the throne after his older brother, Dragonia, died. This was mostly due to how the line of succession was traditionally arranged; the son with the biggest Chidanneksko (or chinko for short) will be the next ruler. Unlike his two older brothers, the large-chinko and capable Dragonia, and the tiny-chinko but almost equally capable Barkas, he was kind and only cared about animals. After their father's death, Barkas decides to exile himself so Hata can take the throne peacefully. Hata in turn tells Barkas that he himself won't take the throne and instead will wait for his return so the two brothers will become co-rulers under the name of Dragonia.

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  1. Japanese for the English word Stupid.
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