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This isn't your place anymore. The ring is mine. Disappear.

Onijishi is a mercenary working for the Rengokukan boss.


He is apart of the Dakini Tribe, however his appearance is less scary compared to Hedoro and his family. He is a big and tall muscular man with green hair. He also has different skin color (However, it is currently not known if Dakini's skin color varies) than rest of the shown Dakini clan members.

He wore an armor with red trousers and black boots.

Strength & Abilities

As a Dakini race, he is very strong and was able to wields a Kanabō and a spear with one arm. He also has 2 Tantō.


He was hired to kill Oshou Doushin also known as Kidoumaru in the Rengokukan because Doushin has grown tired of killing. Onijishi suceeded in killing Doushin and he would replace him to become the King of Rengokukan.
Gintoki fought against him and broke his left arm. Onijishi returned a attacked while breaking his left arm with his Kanabō. Gintoki managed to block it his bokutou and knocked him out, though it is unknown what happened to him.

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