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Mitsuba Arc is the 12th arc in Gintama. This arc introduces Okita Mitsuba and some of Sougo's past.


Mitsuba, Sougo’s older sister, pays a visit to the Shinsengumi headquarters to announce her marriage. The squad members are shocked to see Sougo’s change in attitude when in front of Mitsuba. The two spend some time together for the first time in years. Mitsuba, who has always looked after her younger brother since he was little, is worried if Sougo is doing fine in the Shinsengumi. Sougo comments that he's fine and has made friends and Mitsuba reveals she is getting married to a businessman who later revealed to be an evil man who is only using her for his business and to win the Shinsegumis support through Sougo. Mitsuba has a serious pulmonary disease and she gets worse when she saw Hijikata, and is taken to the hospital. Shortly after realizing her fiance's true intentions, Hijikata decides to kill him himself and receives backup after almost being killed due to their numbers. After Mitsuba's fiance is killed by the combined effort of Sougo and Hijikata, Mitsuba spends her last moments telling Sougo how proud she is of having him as a brother while Sougo mourns over her death. Hijikata is seen on the hospital rooftop eating spicy rice crackers, a tribute to Mitsuba's favorite food, and crying over her death. 


  1. Hijikata Toushirou
  2. Okita Sougo
  3. Kondou Isao
  4. Okita Mitsuba (debut)
  5. Yamazaki Sagaru
  6. Harada Unosuke
  7. Sakata Gintoki
  8. Kuraba Touma (debut)


  • This is the first arc where Gintoki appears without Shinpachi and Kagura.
  • This arc also reveals the reason behind Sougo's animosity to Hijikata.
  • The Okita Mitsuba Arc is the second arc to be adapted in live-action, but into a 3 episode drama rather than a feature film.
  • The differences of Anime, Manga and Live Action.