Okita group
Okita Family 沖田家

Okita Mitsuba (沖田 ミツバ) is the older sister of Okita Sougo (沖田総悟). They lost both their parents while very young, and the sister single-handedly brought little Sougo up. As a result, Sougo was very attached and respectful, almost reverential to his older sister, addressing her in very respectful terms as a-ne-ue and o-ne-san. In her presence, his language became very proper and polite, using the more formal boku to refer to himself instead of his usual ore slang.


Okita-mitsuba mug
Okita Mitsuba
沖田 ミツバ
Okita mug
Okita Sougo
沖田 総悟


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