Obi Hajime (オビ肇) is the former head coach of the Koudoukan.


In his time in Koudoukan, he studied under Shimura Ken and was noted to be a sword genius throughout Edo. At a young age, he became the head coach of Koudoukan and he taught both Otae and Shinpachi.

His talent was widely known and was chosen as a student to study in space. But he was caught up in a accident at the Terminal where a transfer device exploded. Everybody assumed he died but he was travelling around the Galaxy learning sword techniques and challenging opponents.


He has long hair,and a big scar on the right side of his face going from his forehead to his cheek,he seems to be blind from his right eye and wears a Kimono a leopard spotted scarf and he is allways seen with a large dark cloak.


He seems to be a cheerful and fun person allways smiling and caring for his loved ones,showing great affection for shinpachi remarking that he had grown and had become a bit stronger.

Strength & Abilities

He studied the Tendoumushin sword-fighting style (天堂無心流 - Tendou Mushin Ryuu).

After his accident, he became a cyborg. His hand was able to create a Beam Saber.


Friends & Allies


He came back to Earth after he claims that there was no opponents to fight.


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