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Musashi (武蔵) is a homeless vagabond. His real name is "Nishiki Matsugorou", Ikumatsu's father.


This ronin takes residence in a trolley, in which he calls "My Sweet Home". According the Owee arc, Musashi has been living on the streets of Akihabara for three years.


A homeless man who wears large glasses, an orange cap and only loin-cloth on his lower body. It was shown that Musashi had a surprisingly impressive demeanour underneath the swirling eye-glasses


Musashi is usually compared to with Hasagawa, as they are both jobless. He seems to play badminton well, as seen in Episode 62.


He makes his depute in the series when the Shinsengumi were hunting down a certain "silver haired" samurai. Sougo tells Hijikata to catch a random guy with silver hair to appease the Shinsengumi. He then pulls Musashi aside insinuating that they should just haul him back to the barracks.

In chapter 99, Gintoki borrows Musashi and his trolley for Santa and Ben.


  • In the anime episode's ending credits, he is usually listed as "Musashi-like person."
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