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The Murata Family is a famous swordsmith family, with father, older son and younger daughter all practising the same trade. Father Murata Jintetsu 村田 仁鉄 was known as the greatest swordsmith in Edo, for having made the famed Benizakura 紅桜 sword before his death. Though both offspring learnt their trade from their father and carried on the family trade after their father passed away, the 2 siblings had very different sword-making philosophy even while they were still young children. Brother Murata Tetsuya 村田 鉄矢 wanted to make 'the strongest sword' 最強の剣 while younger sister Murata Tetsuko 村田 鉄子 wanted to make 'swords that protect' 護る剣, leading to their father favouring the daughter's handiwork, having been imbued with what the senior swordsmith thought was the more noble aspiration.[1]

Murata Tetsuya 村田 鉄矢 went on to create the bio-mechanical version of the Benizakura 紅桜 on which the Benizakura Chapter 紅桜篇 was based on.


Murata-jintetsu mug.png
Murata Jintetsu
村田 仁鉄
Murata-tetsuya mug.jpg
Murata Tetsuya
村田 鉄矢
Murata-tetsuko mug.png
Murata Tetsuko
村田 鉄子

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