Mone, along with her older twin sister Ane 阿音 and the Inugami 狛神, Sadaharu 定春 and Komako 狛子 were in charge of protecting the Koryuumon, the largest Dragon Hole (龍穴, ryuuketsu), which directs the energy flow of the planet. The Amanto, however, built the Terminal right on top of it, driving the sisters out of business. Since then, Mone seems to live a peaceful life, continuing her profession as a priestess with little results. She greatly disapproves of her sister being a hostess. She's also shown to play the flute.


Ane has long, black hair, albeit brighter than her sister's, reaching the middle of her back, with a fringe covering her forehead. She is seen at all times to wear typical priestess clothing, red hakama and a white haori. She also wears a necklace with a single magatama.


She comes off as rude, especially towards her sister who she frequently insults for having given up the way of God.

She expressed her regret at having abandoned Sadaharu, no matter the circumstances and was touched by the Yorozuya treating him like family even after he went on a rampage.


Mone and Ane first appear when they see the news of Sadaharu's sudden growth and quickly rush to the Yorozuya to help. It is then that they reveal the Yorozuya's mascot's true nature and offer their assistance in returning him to normal. After failing to perfom the incantation, they resort to throwing a baseball to draw a pentagram while trapping Sadaharu in the middle and after Mone suffers a great deal of damage due to her clumsiness, they changing him back.


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