My entire mouth is one piece of flavor! Three thousand worlds of flavors!
Matsudaira Kuriko

She is the daughter of the paranoid father Matsudaira Katakuriko.


According to Matsudaira Katakuriko in episode 28, he said he sent her daughter to study abroad.


  • Height = 161cm
  • Weight = 48kg

She has Dark Golden Rod brown hair with Dark brown eyes



  • Matsudaira Katakuriko: Daughter of paranoid father. She is ashamed of her father, not wanting to wash their clothes at the same time.

Friends & Allies

  • Katsura Kotarou: Katsura disguised as a maid called Ichihara Ezurako. Katsura helped Katakuriko and Kuriko.

Love Interest

  • Shichibei: Her first date with Shichibei was in the amusement park but the date was almost sabotaged by Katakuriko, Kondo and Sougo until Hijitaka intervened.
  • Hijikata Toushirou: Developed a crush on Mayora 13, aka Hijikata Toushirou in Episode 35 when her father, Kondou, Hijikata and Okita were spying on her and her first date. She would later meet Hijikata again and developing even stronger crush on him. She bid farewell to Hijikata, believing to a lie that he was a prince of Mayora planet who would have died if he stayed on Earth too long.


She first appeared when she dated Shichibei 七兵衛.

Subsequently, the second time father spied on her while she was working at a konbini. Asked Hijikata out for a date on her own, and during the 'date' which Hijikata planned to make her ditch him, she was never once put off by having to watch porn-movie, eat the Hijikata-Special (in fact she liked it, leading to Hijikata blushing happily momentarily) or see Hijikata behaving like a coward in front of 'hooligans' (played by the Yorozuya trio). The hooligan incident is an exact replay, including spoken lines, of Episode 101 when Hijikata was confronted by a group of Jouishishi rebels after being newly possessed by the spirit of the cursed sword, and had to be rescued by Itou Kamotarou.

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