Yagami, also known as the Goddess of Fortune and the Goddess of Death, is a noble and rich woman introduced in Host Club Arc. She is said to have the power to ruin an entire town with her wealth. A first visit from her is extremely profitable, which earns her the title of the Goddess of Fortune. However, if she visits the same place again, she will financially ruin this place, which earns Yagami her second title, the Goddess of Death.


Yagami has nicely coiffed light-brown hair and blue eyes. Her skin is rather pale in contrast to her black dress and hat. She is always very formally dressed, which is equaled to her high status and wealth.


Despite her monotonous and soft voice and the fact that she barely talks, Shinpachi described her as a fun person when she made a reference to the widely known anime and manga "Dragon Ball". Due to the fact that she barely shows any facial expressions either, it is hard for people to tell how she feels and what she's thinking. She even tolerates insults and takes appropiate steps after her visit.

Yagami is said to be a cruel woman who first appears as the Goddess of Fortune and becomes a profitable guest during her first visit, and then appears as the Goddess of Death to financially ruin the place after her second visit in case she didn't enjoy her first visit. However, rather than misusing her power, Yagami simply ruins night clubs who welcome her with a fake smile. If she has no intention of ruining a night club, though, she will not visit the same place a second time.

Yagami herself stated that she is no longer obsessed with the power of money and couldn't ruin the entire town, even if she wanted to, which is why she ended up paying Kyoushirou's Host Club a second visit with no intention to cause any harm, which shows her kindness and benevolence.



Host Club Arc


  • Madame Yagami has the same voice actress as Ikaruga from Fairy Tail and Califa from One Piece.
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