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Gintama is set in a period of relative peace after Edo was invaded by the Amanto and the inhabitants had no choice but to accept these new outlanders as their new neighbours. It depicts Edo after it had been conquered by the aliens, and how it looks after they brought modern-day technology into a samurai country of ages past. Most of the story in Gintama is set in Edo itself, or in the sky above it, but the reader is also taken a few other places for various reasons.


Edo is the fictional city in which the protagonists of Gintama live and work. In real-life, Edo was the name of the Japanese capital Tokyo, before it was renamed in 1868, when the shogunate came to an end.

Kabuki District[]

Kabuki District is a red-light district in Edo and the main setting of Gintama. It is ruled by the 4 Devas of Kabuki District.
Main article: Kabuki District

Yorozuya Gin-chan[]

Located on the second floor above Snack Otose houses the Yorozuya Gin-chan main office from which the Yorozuya trio operate. The landlady is Otose herself, who frequently sends Catherine, and in later episodes Tama, to go after Sakata Gintoki for late rental payments. While Gintoki, Kagura and Sadaharu also live and sleep here, Shimura Shinpachi goes back to his own family dojo every night.

Main article: Yorozuya Gin-chan

Exterior view of Yorozuya Gin-chan and Otose Snack.

Interior view of Yorozuya Gin-chan.

Kagura's room inside of Yorozuya Gin-chan.

Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan[]

The spanking new tall office building of the very successful Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan, comprises of the old Yorozuya members Kanemaru, Ikesawa, Furuhashi and now led by a new leader called Stainless Boy.

Exterior view of Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan.

2nd floor of Yorozuya Kin Gon Chan.

Snack Otose[]

Snack Otose, or Otose's Snack House is a bar run by Otose, one of the 4 Devas of Kabuki District. It is a relatively small place frequented by Mu-san amongst others. The regular employees are Catherine and Tama. The Yorozuya helps out occasionally when they are late with the rent.

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Otose Snacks Signboard.

Interior of Otose Snack.

Snack Smile[]

Snack Smile is a hostess pub/bar that primarily caters to male customers. Shimura Tae works here as a hostess (or bouncer, depending on circumstances) together with Oryou, Ane and Hanako. Matsudaira Katakuriko is a frequent VIP customer and even brought the Shogun here once.

Main article: Snack Smile

Exterior view of Snack Smile.

Interior view of Snack Smile.

Lounge view of Snack Smile.


Takamagahara is Kabuki-cho's top male host club. The club is owned by Honjou Kyoushirou.

Exterior view of Takamagahara.

Interior view of Takamagahara.

Drag Queen Clubhouse[]

Also known as Kamakko Club, it is a clubhouse of okama. The club is owned by Saigou Tokumori.
Gintoki and Katsura Kotarou were once forced to dress up and become drag queens after insulting Saigou.

Entrance sign of the Drag Queen Clubhouse

Kujaku Hime Kada's Casino[]

Kujaku Hime Kada's Casino, or gambling den, was one of many buildings owned by her in Kabuki District. After the truth came out about her, and she was imprisoned aboard a Harusame Spaceship, it remains uncertain who took over her gambling dens.

Frontal view of Kujaku Hime Kada's Casino

Other Buildings in Edo[]

Hashida Corporation[]

The Hashida Corporation is one of the biggest corporations in Edo. It is a family business currently run by Hashida Kahei.

The Hashida Corporation is located in a large skyscraper.

Murata Family Swordsmith[]

A swordsmith shop where the Murata Family once resided. It is now the home of the last known living relative, Murata Tetsuko.

Entrance to the Murata family swordsmith.

Firefighter Headquarters[]

Headquarters of the firefighters. Notable members of the team are the Chief Fireman and Tatsumi.

Firefighter Headquarters front.

Shinsengumi Headquarters[]

Shinsengumi have their own separate headquarters within Edo.

Main article: Shinsengumi Headquarters

Shinsengumi HQ Main Entrance.

Shinsengumi's Main Hall.

Shinsengumi's Meeting Room.

Shinsengumi's Debrief Room.

Shinsengumi's training dojo.

Shinsengumi's dojo store.

Sougo's room.

O-Edo Central Terminal[]

The O-Edo Central Terminal is a large facility located in central Edo. It is where most of the spaceships in and out of Edo arrive and depart. It has been given an 'Architectural Landmark' status by the Bakufu.

The Terminal in the middle of Edo.

Inuisei Embassy[]

The Inuisei Embassy is the embassy of the Amanto species from Planet Inui-sei, which was the first Amanto species to descend upon Earth using military force. It is featured once as one of Katsura's bombing targets.

Embassy of Inuisei.

O-Edo General Hospital[]

The O-Edo General Hospital is a building featured in various episodes of Gintama. Whether it's the Yorozuya who get ill or hurt, or when they are visiting someone who are hospitalised, it is usually at the O-Edo General Hospital. Notable employees there are the Staff Nurse and Uchino.

Frontal view of O-Edo General Hospital.

O-Edo Art Museum[]

The O-Edo Art Museum is the setting for Ring Kyuubi's daring heist attempt on the Golden Tofu Sculpture in Episode 85. It is filled with various booby traps and security measures.

Frontal view of O-Edo Museum.

Yagyuu Family Estate[]

The immense influence and wealth of the Yagyuu Family, designated sword instructor to the Shogunate, is reflected in the vast sprawling grounds of the family estate. Many of the wings are made up of 2-stories buildings interconnected by sheltered corridors. The external grounds and the building compound, including interiors and a male toilet block, were the venues for the showdown with the Yagyuu family during the Yagyu Arc.

The Yagyuu Family's Crest at the Main Entrance.

The main door to the Yagyuu Family Estate

Vast sprawling grounds on the Yagyuu Family Estate.

Flight of stairs leading up to the Yagyuu Estate Main Entrance.

External Compound; lush forest.

External Compound; bamboo forest.

Yagyuu Dojo Exterior.

Yagyuu Dojo Interior.


Koudoukan acts as the Shimura Family's home. This dojo specialises in tendou mushin ryuu, aka Tendou Mushin sword-fighting style. Ever since Otae became the target of the gorilla-stalker, aka Shinsengumi's Commander Kondou Isao, the house compound has been fortified to become a fortress of steel. Examples of defensive devices include steel-spiked wall enclosure, trip-wire with Justaway bombs, hidden ground pits with bamboo-spikes, gateways with massive timber cage-doors, toilet seats with thumb-tacks and also the ability to summon a satellite weapon called SOL 740 to fire a laser beam at selected spots. Refer to Episode 62 for an overview of the defense mechanisms at work.

Bird's eye view of Koudoukan.

Shinpachi's room

Main Entrance of Koudoukan.

Example of Koudoukan's fortress-like defenses-steel spiked enclosure.

Shibuya Regret Hall[]

Shibuya Regret Hall, or Shibuya Koukai Dou is a spoof of the real-life theater Shibuya Koukai Dou, or Shibuya Public Hall. The Gintama version sports a gigantic lemon logo behind the building sign as Shibuya Public Hall was once called Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall due to sponsorship deals with Dentsu and Suntory. This building is featured in Episode 124 as the venue for Otsuu's live concert.

Main entrance of the Shibuya Regret Hall.

Interior stage area.

Buildings in other cities[]

Yoshiwara Paradise[]

Yoshiwara Paradise, also known as Yoshiwara, is the underground red-light district that forms the backdrop for Yoshiwara in Flames Arc. It is sustained by corrupt government officials. It is an area that is ignored by the government and beyond the reach of law. Kamui is the current overlord in charge of this place under the jurisdiction of the Harusame, after its predecessor Housen was killed.

Main article: Yoshiwara Paradise

Main Entrance to Yoshiwara.

Yoshiwara as seen before its liberation.

Bird's-eye view of Yoshiwara.

Yoshiwara and current overlord Kamui in the foreground.

View of Yoshiwara and overlord's mansion in the background.

The elevators used to gain access into Yoshiwara.

Yoshiwara's Meeting Room.

Hinowa and Seita's store.

Seita manages to open the hatch and shine light over Yoshiwara.

Yoshiwara with daylight.

Dragon Palace City[]

According to Police Superintendent Matsudaira Katakuriko, Ryuuguujou or Dragon Palace City is a floating mobile city located deep underwater that operates as a high-class resort club for the elite. It does not belong to any nation and it operates outside any legislative confines, yet, it receives tremendous support from the political world, to the extent that it has become very powerful. During the Ryugujo Arc, Otohime would raise the city from the ocean to attack, after her defeat, it has descended into the depths of the sea and has remained there ever since.

Ryuuguujou aka Dragon Palace City.

Ryuuguujou's throne room.

VIP night club within the Ryuuguujou.


Senboukyou is a hot springs bathhouse high up in the mountains, maintained by Oiwa and Rei. It is a place where wandering spirits can find a place to rest.

Exterior view of Senboukyou.

Bird's-eye view of Senboukyou.


Gokumontou is a prison located far out on the sea in which Katsura was once instated. After most of its prisoners attempted to escape by digging at about the same time, the cliffs beneath the prison was dotted with holes, however they were later filled in.

Bird's-eye view of Gokumontou.

Gokumontou's interior.

Gokumontou's cell organisation.


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Planet Hamek[]



Takasugi's ship[]

Takasugi Shinsuke's spaceship was the setting for the main fighting scenes in Benizakura Arc. It has been shown to be able to fly in the air as well as ride on water.

Takasugi's ship.

Rear view of Takasugi's ship.

Top view of Takasugi's ship.


Kaientai is comprised of a fleet of spaceships belonging to Sakamoto Tatsuma that serves as his mercantile company traversing the galaxy. Although Sakamoto is the leader, the company is mostly helmed by his second-in-command, Mutsu, due to the leader's penchant for going missing-in-action.

Main article: Kaientai

Kaientai's fleet.

Frontal view of one of the Kaientai fleet.