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Umibouzu admits his surprise at seeing a rare face on this planet that is about to end and decides that he will help save Earth. He fights through the Naraku but learns of their semi-immortality. Amused, he tells the assassins he was here to pay back their general; he and the Yorozuya, all mortals, will continue to stand up after getting knocked down and he wonders which side will be left standing. Yet not before declaring that the rare face, Kamui, should die now as he stomps on his son's head, though Kamui dodges it. The flabbergasted Yorozuya tries to tell Umibouzu that Kamui was their ally but Umibouzu reveals that his attacking his son was a backhanded chastisement of letting himself get injured protecting Kagura. Umibouzu was fulfilling his promise of killing him if he did something like this. Kamui agrees before punching his father in the stomach, resulting in him flying into the Naraku and declaring that he'll kill his father along with the Naraku.

The two males rush to attack the other but Kagura stops them by wedging a broken telephone pole between them, one end hits Kamui in the face and the other end hits Umibouzu in the crotch. She reprimands them for again wanting to fight each other every time they meet, but she didn't mind as they finally were together on Earth. More assassins arrive to shatter the moment; Nobume kills them, telling the others to run so as to not let the assassins surround them. Kamui is unable to rise due to his stab wound but Umibouzu tosses a canister that stops the bleeding. He insists that he didn't care if Kamui dies but he will not do so on Earth. A group of Naraku begin to ambush the elder Yato but Kamui shoots them down without turning, telling his father that he should thank "that person". As the two follow behind Kagura, she thinks back to what her mother told her about wishing to visit Earth, a planet her father told Kouka about, together as a family someday. Mentally, Kagura apologizes to Kouka for taking a while to finally fulfill that promise.

Gintoki smiles at the trio before asking Nobume if she was behind bringing the father and son together. She admits she brought Umibouzu here when learning of the hunter's plan to defeat Utsuro yet believes that their father- son interaction was normal. Umibouzu reminds the Yorozuya that he went to find a way to defeat the immortal; he traveled all over the universe to gather all of the planets' Altana crystals to do so.

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