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The Liberation Army ships starts attacking and destroying the Kiheitai ships one by one. But they try to hold out until Takechi starts his plan. Inside a small ship, said man reminds the few members who joined him of the mission to head directly to the Amenotori's circuits to destroy it, allowing their boss and Hankai to gain extra time to shut down the mothership's cannon. Back inside the mothership, Takasugi tries to call back Takechi to little avail but he, Matako and the injured Bansai quickly hide when they encounter the forces protecting the cannon. Bansai notes that they don't have the time to fight through them and they also need to find a way to not blow up the mothership itself. He slowly rises to his feet, telling his boss to continue going forward no matter what happens as he himself won't stop. A grenade tossed in their direction explodes and a soldier orders the others to fire.

Some rush to the location just to suddenly pause, turn and shoot at their allies. Bansai reveals himself from the smoke controlling those men with his strings. Takasugi and Matako blaze through the soldiers from the smoke with their sword and guns. As the trio fight on, the lagging Bansai mentally declares that as long as they had Takasugi with them, they can perform a miracle. But he admits that heroes were the type of people who would continue on no matter if enemies and allies fall around them as the people who gravitate towards them would still follow. But Takasugi in his eyes wasn't a hero but a weak human, who forced himself to swallow his own pain and suffering and kept moving. A surviving soldier behind Bansai shoots the second in command and Takasugi and Matako pause. Bansai tells them to not look back and go ahead while retaliating against the shooter.

Another faction arrives and Bansai knocks one of the soldier's bazooka into shooting the ceiling with his sword. He and Matako dodges into another hallway just before their hallway entrance was blocked by rubble and seeing Bansai taking back his sword and smiling at them. Despite Takasugi and Matako calling out to him, Bansai still tells his boss to continue and reminds him that the Kiheitai will still follow him, also thinking that the world still needs heroes. As Bansai fights through the faction and Takechi's ship speeds towards the Amenotori, both beginning to accumulate damage, Bansai admits that despite his and the ex-strategist's pledge of using their lives to help Takasugi, they find themselves at this moment of death, wishing to live to be by Takasugi, their friend's, side. So they will resolve themselves not to die as heroes but to live as friends.

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