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The Yorozuya and Yagyuu school look on as Ougai easily swats aside Nishino and a few of their fighters, while mocking their inferiority. The other Yagyuu Devas attack the Dakini using their school's vaunted speed as their edge, just to see their efforts easily rebuffed by Ougai's own superior speed and durability. As Toujou, Kitaooji, and the injured Minamito are thrown towards the other Dakini, Binbokusai tends to Nishino, still alive but unconscious and missing an arm. He is also confronted by some Dakini. Gintoki and Kyuubei dodge Ougai's attack and try to counterattack: Ougai blocks their strikes and kicks them aside. When he senses the female Kyuubei and sees the young Shinpachi and Kagura, he angrily berates the earthlings for allowing women and children to taint the "sacred" battlefield. Kyuubei, in turn, berates Ougai for his ignorance on war and being dismissive of the potential strength of women and children. After she fights off the Amanto, she and the Yorozuya flee into an alley while Ougai and some Dakini follow.

Kyuubei tells the Yorozuya that thanks to the Yagyuu Devas' attack, she understood that fighting the Dakini head on won't work. The best way was to use their faster legs to prevent the Amanto's attacking and hit them with concentrated fire. The four notice Tae on the fire escape who tells her friends that she refused to leave after hearing Kyuubei's speech and wishes to help show the strength of women and children. The other hostesses appear on the rooftops and throw logs down on the Amanto. Ougai angrily deflects the logs and declares to his men to kill everyone. Some Dakini follow the Yorozuya and Kyuubei up the same fire escape, resulting in them being attacked by Gintoki and Kagura, who used the narrow stairs to restrict their movements.

Gintoki barely dodges Ougai's swing, and the Dakini leader mocks them for their tricks being unable to stop his strikes. Gintoki agrees, stating that instead there was a way to stop him in one attack. Ougai swings his sword, stopping the Yorozuya from attacking and reveals that he saw through their plan of using their mobility to attack from three different directions thanks to the traps. As logs fall down behind Gintoki (in front of Ougai) and on one, Kyuubei is poised to attack, Gintoki reveals that it actually from four directions.

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