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Utsuro states that the concept of an "end" is both a convergence and a release; that it can release everyone's bonds. He adds that there will be vicious cycles of wars and the pain and suffering created from them if this "end" doesn't happen and chastises the quiet Gintoki for refusing to accept it. For continuing to suffer as he decides to kill his master, Utsuro declares that he is forced to kill his student as a few more Naraku assassins arrive. The zombie army, lead by a man Nobume reveals is the third of the Naraku Three Crows named Hitsugi, rushes toward them. To almost everyone's surprise, Gintoki abruptly stabs Hitsugi through his crossed arms, the bokken going clean through and pushing him into the other attackers. Hitsugi is stabbed by their blades and Gintoki finishes it off by pushing his bokken through the Crow's mouth and slamming him into the ground. He knock out a group of attackers and declares that there is no master and disciple here; there is just a villain and a Yorozuya.

Gintoki tries to attack Utsuro but is forced to dodge a strike from Hitsugi, who is also semi-immortal thanks to his master's blood. As Gintoki fights him and some of the assassins, Nobume, Kagura, and Shinpachi fight the rest. Shinpachi despairs as no matter how many times they cut them down the zombie killers continue to revive and fight. Nobume sees the arriving ships of the Liberation Army and tells the other two to retreat. She realizes she underestimated Utusro and thanks to the undead army he wields, the quartet can't fight him alone. Gintoki is able to overcome his zombie foes with a chance at striking Utsuro. At the same time, Kagura and Shinpachi flee out the docks while being chased and they all pause to see the ships shooting laser cannons at the docks. The blasts knocks Gintoki into a crate and Nobume reaches him and asks him to flee. The two run to the ocean with the cannons coming closer and Nobume pushes Gintoki into the ocean just as a blast reaches them, with Nobume caught in it.

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