Crybaby (泣き虫, nakimushi) is the 577th chapter of the Gintama series. Kagura confronts her brother on his actions before someone steps in so as to fight Umibouzu.

Story Edit

Kagura intervenes in her father and brother's battle while expressing her wishes for them to return together as a family. Meanwhile, the Yorozuya is on their way searching for Kagura when Gintoki notices that the pirates are retreating. This made him uneasy, as Harusame isn't one that gives up easily despite the Yato family being a tough opponent. They immediately fasten their pace.

Back at Kagura's side, Kamui flatly replies that it was too late for things to go back to the past, and slams Kagura onto the ground by dislocating his right shoulder on purpose. Kamui then kicks his little sister away, rebuking that the family she once knows of is gone; Kamui also thanked Kagura for being there as her death can bring out the beast in Umibouzu, much to the shock of the latter who is chasing after his children.

However, Kagura manages to stop Kamui's attacks with her foot, retorting him that she is no longer the sister he once knew of. As Umibouzu watches on, Kagura kicks Kamui into the sky and slams him into a nearby cliff. She proceeds to lambaste her brother for failing to become emotionally stronger, choosing to stay as a crybaby and putting up a brave front through his actions instead. As the fight continues, Kagura again expresses her wishes for Kamui to return and allow her to fight alongside him to face his real opponent. Pained by the sights of his children brutally fighting each other, Umibouzu is reminded of how he left his children all alone behind as he leaves for work, and he shouts for them to stop.

A nearby Abuto notices Utsuro's appearance on the cliff and shouts for Umibouzu's attention. As Utsuro charges down the cliff towards a surprised Kamui, the latter was shoved aside by Umibouzu who blocks the attack, causing him his mechanical arm in the process. Utsuro's ship then fires at the ground, creating explosions everywhere and sending the Yato siblings down the cliff as the floor collapses. An injured Umibouzu manages to dodge the attacks with his parasol and comes face to face with Utsuro.

Quotes Edit

  • Kagura: (To Kamui) ...You've been left behind by Mommy; left behind by everyone, and are just acting tough while on the edge of tears. You are still just my crybaby big brother.
  • Kagura: Come back to us, Kamui! The opponent you should be aiming your fists at is not our baldy dad. There are others, are there not?! I will fight alongside you!

Characters Edit

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Kagura
  2. Umibouzu
  3. Kamui
  4. Harusame
  5. Sakata Gintoki
  6. Shimura Shinpachi
  7. Sadaharu
  8. Abuto
  9. Utsuro
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