Ten Years (十年, Jū Nen) is the 573rd chapter of the Gintama series. The Four Heavenly Kings are finally reunited years after the Joui Wars.

Story Edit

As Takasugi awakens to the sight of the Rakuyou's heavily overcast skies, he parallels himself to the rain and admits his distaste for it. As the Kiheitai reunites with him, Kagura leaves to pursue the robed figure who saved their leader.

Returning to the confrontation, Takasugi commands his Kiheitai to kill the Naraku. Oboro in turn commands his assassins to kill the man. Shinpachi and Sadaharu rushes in to help but the dog trips and they both fall. Before the Naraku can take advantage, they are knocked out by Gintoki, who throws his bokutō at them. Shinpachi barely manages to hold off one of the assassins who came at him, and at the same time more assassins attack Bansai. In unison, Takasugi and Gintoki pick up each other's swords and saved one another's comrade by killing the assassins. The two then cut through the Naraku assassins to confront each other.  

Explosions occur, and the Jouishishi led by Katsura came right at the Naraku, with the leader declaring to help pave the way for Gintoki and Takasugi to fight. The Kaientai fleet joins in the battle shortly after dropping Kaienmaru on the enemies, and Sakamoto berates Katsura's declaration, knowing full well about the two's spectacular fights. Katsura merely responds that both he and Sakamoto should join if that is the case; Sakamoto agrees. 

Takasugi is reminded about his three wartime friends, accumulating in both he and Gintoki stabbing each other with one another's swords while their comrades watched on. Takasugi remarked that both he and the silver haired man were still the same as before. Gintoki refutes this as he admits that they would have actually cut each other down if it was so, revealing that they had in truth stabbed the assassins behind the other. The two then pull out their own swords from the dead Naraku behind them, just as Katsura and Sakamoto meet up with them.

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  • Takasugi: (On the cloudy sky) ...Was I the first rain that that gloomy sky was unable to repress? Or was I perhaps the final rain that it let spill after bawling while trying to hold me back? I feel like it may be either yet I also feel like it may be neither. The one thing I can say with certainty is that I'm sick of rain.
  • Takasugi: (To Gintoki) It seems that humans don't change that easily. Even after dying once and 10 years passing, everyone is just as idiotic as ever.

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