Manjuus and Breakfast (まんじゅうと朝飯, Manjū to Asameshi) is the 571st chapter of the Gintama series. The battle between Gintoki and Batou comes to an end while Umibouzu and the 7th Division are engaged in the battle against Shirei and the Harusame pirates.

Story Edit

As Batou begins to strike the real Gintoki, who appears to be stuck in place as the captain used his wrist wound to hold Gintoki's sword, he reflects on the countless swordsmen whom he struck down before. He observes with his third eye that those men thought of nothing at their final moments; and as if they have resigned to their impending fate, turns hollow just as Batou struck them..

Except Gintoki who, instead of emptiness, was thinking about having fried eggs for breakfast the next day. Surprised at the samurai's will in the face of death, Batou senses another Gintoki attacking him from behind and strikes. However, it turns out to be another killing intent illusion that took the form of Bakuyasa. Gintoki then vindicates the 2nd Division captain for forgetting about the third eye's weakness before hitting him in said eye with his freed bokutō, ending the fight.

Gintoki turns to leave but stops when Batou reveals that Gintoki was the second person whom his third eye couldn't read, the first being Utsuro. He asks if Gintoki plans on fighting Utsuro, which Gintoki counter-questions if he should. Batou admits that, while Gintoki had lived all his life alongside death to the point it has become his constant companion, Utsuro is a living void that could swallow everything; even his satori cannot predict the outcome, and he wonders how Gintoki will fight against the "emptiness". Gintoki merely responds that he isn't fighting for his past, but for what's ahead of him now. Batou only retort that instead of a bottomless swamp he sees of Gintoki, it's a bottomless idiocy.

Meanwhile, at the cliffs, the 1st division captain, Shirei, grows increasingly frustrated as his two ships were destroyed by just Umibouzu himself so easily. Nearby, Abuto is in awe of the overwhelming strength of the living legend, and utters about the father and the son having the potential of destroying Harusame. He and the remnant of the 7th division then attack the oncoming pirates while the Kiheitai flees with the comatose Takasugi. Suddenly an explosion occurs and throws the Kiheitai leader over the cliff.

Quotes Edit

  • Gintoki: (On fighting Utsuro) .....So then even if it's the abyss of death or just a big hollow emptiness, I'm not fighting for the manjuu set the front of my grave. I'm fighting for the breakfast I'll eat the next day.
  • Abuto: Whether it's the son or that dad, they really seem to have the power to crush Harusame all on their own.

Characters Edit

Characters in order of appearance
  1. Pluto Batou
  2. Sakata Gintoki
  3. Sakamoto Tatsuma (In flashbacks)
  4. Bakuyasa (cameo)
  5. Utsuro (mentioned)
  6. Shimura Shinpachi (mentioned)
  7. Kagura (mentioned)
  8. Harusame
  9. Shirei
  10. Umibouzu
  11. 7th Division
  12. Kiheitai
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