Lesson 556 is the 556th chapter of the Gintama series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Reaffirming that only he could kill Kamui, Umibouzu revealed that a stray explosion interrupted their fight, resulting in Kamui's disappearance and demanded Utsuro not to interfere again. A seemingly angered Oboro attempted to attack Umibouzu but was ordered to stand down. Meanwhile, on the Kiheitai's ship in space, Takechi constantly fed Kagura, much to Matako's annoyance. Kagura told them that she will help them destroy the Harusume, her father, and her brother, while Takechi pointed out that the real reason she was there was to save her family.

Back with the Harusame, Oboro began to cough up blood as Utsuro stated that his body had reached its limit due to a number of deaths, despite having drunk Utsuro's immortal blood for a long time. Though, Oboro remained loyal to Utsuro and the Tendoshu. He remarked that a mysterious third party had slipped into the mayhem and rescued some of the Kiheitai and, presumably, Takasugi, with Utsuro adding that someone in the Harusame had helped the party.

A wounded Bansai found himself on a ship and rushed to figure out what happened, only to find the Kaientai crew and Sakamoto, who promised to save Takasugi. Then, Katsura, appearing to join the Kaientai, chastised Sakamoto for still considering Takasugi a friend, only to be mocked back for fighting over a "worthless thing" like bushido. In the Kiheitai, Takechi admitted taking in Kagura as a hostage so she can be used to control the other Yorozuya to help them. As Kagura believed that the rest of them would come anyway to help protect her family and so she would help her "other family," Shinpachi, Gintoki and Sadaharu reached the Kaientai fleet.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Sakamoto Tatsuma: (To Kawakami Bansai) Your general, Takasugi... Our friend... Is one person we're definitely gonna save.
  • Kagura: (To Takechi Henpeita) Even if you had not done such a dumb thing, and whether I had not acted selfishly or not, they would still have come. They will surely come in order to protect my family. So I must act as well in order to save my other family.

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