Lesson 552 is the 552nd chapter of the Gintama series.


In the past, at Shouka Sonjuku, despite his effort, a child Gintoki could not defeat Shouyou-sensei. Later, impressed with Shouyou's immense strength, he questioned him about his past before they met each other. Shouyou only replied that, as a monster, he could not cut down a monster's sword. He told Gintoki not to imitate him in order to become stronger than him, but to use a human's sword.

As Shouyou told Gintoki so, the scene then changed to the battle between the latter and Utsuro, who expected Gintoki to get rid of him. Utsuro easily broke Gintoki's sword and gave a blow to his head.

The scene turned out to be a nightmare, as soon as Gintoki woke up and soon found himself sleeping under Elizabeth's costume. It was revealed that, in order to run away from the Bakufu, the Yorozuya and Katsura's Jouishishi faction went hiding in Akibahara, a district in Edo for otaku. In spite of Gintoki's protest, Katsura maintained that he was a true terrorist.

Katsura then informed him of his "Wanted" poster, in which his portrait looked violent due to Katsura's disguising as him for a new photo, as Shinpachi and Kagura redistributed it as fliers. The two believed that this was a way to advertise their shop, especially when there were only otaku there. One of them tried to inform the Bakufu about Gintoki, but Nobume cut down everyone's cellphone before he could do that.

Meeting Gintoki and Katsura, Nobume suggested them changing their location again and told them about her choice to leave the Mimawarigumi to Kondou and follow them, since she could not abandon the country and ignore Utsuro. Before Gintoki could ask her about Utsuro and Shouyou's origin, Matako fired a bullet between his legs, and accused Nobume of betraying her.


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Yoshida Shouyou (flashback & image)
  2. Utsuro (flashback & image)
  3. Sakata Gintoki
  4. Elizabeth
  5. Katsura Kotarou
  6. Tsukuyo (flashback)
  7. Tokugawa Shige Shige (flashback)
  8. Shimura Tae (falshback)
  9. Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu (flashback)
  10. Shimura Shinpachi
  11. Kagura
  12. Imai Nobume
  13. Kondou Isao (flashback)
  14. Sasaki Isaburo (flashback)
  15. Kijima Matako


  • Yoshida Shouyou and Utsuro: (In Sakata Gintoki's dream) You've got to use your sword, a human's sword, to become stronger than me. Gintoki, I'm looking forward to it. To you, someday, coming to rid the world of the monster that is me. How unfortunate. I told you, didn't I? Your monster's sword can't reach the monster that is me.
  • Imai Nobume: I have things I must do as a comrade of Sasaki Isaburou and as one of Shouyou's disciples. I cannot abandon this country nor can I simply ignore that man of the Tendoshu.


  • Katsura's pose while taking photos as Gintoki is taken from the manga Violence Jack, whose main character had a similar appearance, as well as a similar knife.
  • While advertising the Yorozuya, Kagura mentioned Love Live!, a popular multimedia project.
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