Lesson 546 is the 546th chapter of the Gintama series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As the battles went on, the Shinsengumi retreated to the island's coastline, where Otae took care of the injured.

In the forest, Kondou asked Sasaki for help with their wounded soldiers, whom he had taken in. Astonished, Sasaki questioned Kondou about his action, given that he could kill the other at that instant. However, Kondou maintained that he had to risk his life for his surbodinates. Despite Sasaki's protest, he believed that deep inside, the Mimawarigumi Chief still had someone to protect.

Talking about Nobume, Sasaki was confused how he came to be unable to erase her name out of his now-empty address book. It turned out that he still kept the mail about his daughter's name in his phone. Still, Kondou assured him that the mail had been sent long ago, and that they would see everyone again.

As everyone made it to the two chiefs' place, Kondou was found dead, and Sasaki collapsed to his wounds, much to their allies' shock.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • Kondou Isao: What value is there in saving a general that abandons surbodinates that got hurt for his sake? If they risked their lives for me, then the Kondou Isao they believe in has to risk his life to protect them.
  • Kondou Isao: (To Sasaki Isaburo) Haven't you realized it yet, Sasaki? Right now, you have a samurai's... No... You even have eyes that are like those of a father.
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