Lesson 543 is the 543rd chapter of the Gintama series.


As the chaotic battle progressed, Kondou and Sasaki went missing. Under Katsura's request, Hijikata ordered the Shinsengumi to retreat in one and a half hour by signal fire, stating that it was his last order. On another side of the island, Yamazaki and Shinpachi noticed the Mimawarigumi retreating with them too.

However, Okita's sudden fall from the cliff interrupted the run, as Oboro slaughtered the retreaters. Noting that Gintoki had died after the explosion, Oboro was instantly attacked by an enraged Shinpachi. Utsuro attempted to kill him, but was intervened by Okita, who ordered Yamazaki and Shinpachi to leave. With Okita beaten again, Kagura and Nobume continued to fight against the Naraku leader, who defeated Kagura to a point of unconsciousness.

In the forest, on the way to Nobume's location, Sasaki commented about her order against his plan, wondering why she did not abandon him to death, and why he was heading to that direction. Meanwhile, Nobume was injured in the shoulder, yet she managed to stab Utsuro's foot, thus keeping him at a place. As soon as she claimed that she still had someone able to move, Gintoki rushed out of the rubble and attacked Utsuro.


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  • Hijikata Toushirou: (To the Shinsengumi) Whether I make it back or not, this is the Shinsengumi Vice-Chief's last order. So you'll listen to it, right?
  • Utsuro: If you took to action to change this country, then you cannot become disheartened from something like this. Please use all the power you have.
  • Sasaki Isaburo: (Referring to Imai Nobume) Why don't you abandon me? Why do you continue to stay there and fight? And why am I heading to that direction?
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